American Horror Story: Coven: The Axeman Cometh


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN: 3.06 “The Axeman Cometh”

What an episode. The beginning reminded me highly of the cold opens we used to get on the first season of American Horror Story, back when you’d see through the years why the Murder House became a murder house. It seemed like an odd fit for this season, but by the end of this episode, we could understand why we saw this little scene. It turns out that the Axeman is going to be a rather important player in at least the upcoming episode.

For some reason, I wasn’t as drawn into the Axeman. Perhaps it’s because we really only saw him kill two people — and I think overall he only killed seven (it’s funny to think that sounds like a small number, but after seeing how many torture victims Madame kept in her home, somehow this feels miniscule). I’m still puzzling over how he was a threat to Cordelia, even if he was in that mystical plane where he wasn’t quite a ghost but not quite released yet either. And overall, his running into Fiona feels a little less than threatening to me, too. Of all the characters on this show, Fiona can take care of herself.

Speaking of, Fiona seems to be getting weaker and weaker — physically and emotionally. Somehow, Cordelia’s incident has shaken Fiona to her core, and killing Madison didn’t help her increase her strength (which is no surprise, since we found out that Madison wasn’t the next Supreme). It’s interesting seeing this new side of Fiona, especially when it’s contrasted to the new Cordelia.

The Cordelia we saw in this episode was nothing like the Cordelia we’ve seen in previous episodes. Her accident has provided her with “the vision,” and she isn’t happy about it. But through that vision, she’s seen what her husband really is…well, as much as she can see so far. To her, he’s just a cheater, not a malicious witch hunter that we’ve discovered in this episode. We now know why Hank killed his fling in the last episode; she was a witch. And he was hired by the voodoo queen to take out the coven. I’m surprised I didn’t see that one coming but I didn’t.

Strangely enough, the one person that I wasn’t as fond of in this episode was Zoe, who I’ve loved all season. Somehow, she just seemed to come across stupid. Despite Queenie’s warnings, she kept reaching out to the Axeman to get answers to her questions. As the newest witch there and given all she’s seen so far, I’m just surprised she ignored her and plowed forward. Something just seemed off.

Meanwhile, a strong character who I adore was Misty, who was back this week. Myrtle is buried in her yard, getting healed from the mud, and she was trying to take care of the tormented Kyle. Something about Misty just reaches out to me, because my heart just broke when her beloved Stevie Nicks was knocked over (mild, fun Stevie spoiler here if you want to see it). I can’t wait to see what else they do with Misty. They can’t just leave her to be the girl who only brings people back to live. A threat or a savior, she’s going to be someone with a lot of power who comes into play later this season. Perhaps it’s once she finds “her people”? I’m not sure. But I’m looking forward to finding out.

Did I just say I’m looking forward to something on AHS? That hasn’t happened since we wondered the truth behind Moira. Kudos, AHS, you’ve got me hooked.


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