HIMYM: Platonish


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.09 “Platonish”

Well, we got ourselves out of Farhampton this week in a flashback episode that took us to a basketball game, McClaren’s, the old apartment, and a pharmacy that held more meaning than you would have thought.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything in this episode (with one exception). This episode really got to the heart of what HIMYM does best: introduce something silly, wacky, or generally funny with a quick twist at the end that makes your suddenly sentimental, stunned, or generally feeling. I loved Barney’s antics (and Lily and Robin’s reactions to said antics), but most of all, I loved seeing why we were seeing this episode.

This wasn’t just some filler episode. It had a purpose. It was the moment Ted was offered his new job in Chicago. It was the moment that Barney decided to make Robin his last play. And it was the moment that Barney met the mother.

If you’re keeping count, that means two out of five people have now met the mother: Lily and now Barney. I’m loving how this is unfolding.

The mother, along with her big eyes, apparently has great perception and wisdom, immediately realizing why Barney was desperate to keep busy with his challenges (I also liked that she called him out for calling her a target). Strangely enough, his behavior didn’t seem so out of the norm for him. And yet, once she identified it, it was clear that it really was. So much of Barney’s storyline was great, and this ending was particularly strong. Kudos.

What wasn’t, however, was the stupid, dumb, and generally irritating conversation between Ted and Marshall about his feelings — yet again — over Robin. At this point, the poor dead horse we’ve been beating all season is just a mushy pulp a la the two-parter pilot episode of Breaking Bad. The only thing we need is a ceiling and a bathtub.

Dear writers: I am so bloody tired of hearing about Ted’s feelings over Robin. End it. Now.

I no longer want to see his wistful face. I no longer want to hear about his feelings. I no longer want to see the blue french horn. Nor do I want to hear a blue french horn. In fact, let’s just get rid of any french horn, or alternately, if Ted opens his mouth — in the past, present, or future — about his feelings for Robin, let’s play a french horn over top of him, so I don’t have to hear it. It’s the wedding weekend for god’s sake. We already had an episode where Barney confronted Ted and he let it go. Why can’t we?

Yes, it was interesting to see why Barney won the girl. He didn’t just assume that there was all kinds of time in the world. He took action. Ted did not. But while it was interesting to see that, I was just so sick of hearing about it in general.

But beyond that, loved the episode.


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