American Horror Story: Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensue & Burn, Witch. Burn!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN: 3.04 “Fearful Pranks Ensue”
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN: 3.05 “Burn, Witch. Burn!”

What a Halloween we had on American Horror Story. I can’t quite remember what the Halloween episode was last season, but this season felt a little reminiscent of the first season, when the ghosts come out and can roam the earth. This time, of course, we didn’t so much have ghosts as we had zombies. As someone who doesn’t regularly watch The Walking Dead, I wasn’t so numb to the gore. Seeing these surprisingly swift-moving zombies rip apart and rip open the living, taking out their various intestines and other body parts — ew. Yeah, that’s not a party I want to be a part of.

And really, I was surprised neighbor boy made it out alive. I’m still not sure how he did, but it looks like we’re not rid of him yet.

But how about badass Zoe with the chainsaw? One thing that I’m really appreciating with this season is that there’s not an overuse of the magic on their parts. Sure, it seems simple enough to just recite a spell and zombie-go-boom, but I like that these girls don’t quite know what they’re doing yet and are forced to fight these mystical forces with brute strength and teenage cunning. So far Queenie lacking in the smarts department (sorry, sexually molesting herself in front of a beast and not seeing that she was doing something wrong by burning Myrtle’s hand isn’t exactly all that brilliant), but Zoe seems to have a brain on her shoulders. And while she did end up using a surprising power to get rid of the last of the undead, I did like seeing her take out the rest.

As for Madame, well, I’m not sure what I think about her yet. I love her reactions — especially when she discovered that Halloween was just a holiday for candy now — but I’m perplexed by her guilt. She must be a puzzle we’re still figuring out the missing pieces of because I was surprised she was so remorseful over how she treated her daughters. Based on the flashback, she was ruthless (though she never actually killed or maimed them, based on their later hangings by the voodoo queen). So why is she so sad now?

Meanwhile, we saw many sides of Fiona in just two episodes. She’s killed a girl, denied it, framed another witch, burned the other witch — and yet she brings Queenie and a stillborn child back to life. What’s that about? I don’t know, but I like it.

Then there was Cordelia who suddenly got so much more interesting the moment she became blind. She can suddenly see her husband’s faults, which are still a mystery to me. Perhaps not the affair, but why the murder? Has he been possessed by something that happened during their fertility ritual? Or is he just genuinely a terrible guy?

And who did throw the acid in her face? I’m unsure it was Myrtle — I think that Fiona did frame her. But I also don’t think it was the Voodoo Queen, despite the timing. There’s a mystery on our hands. Or did I miss something obvious? Should we believe with Fiona claimed to see in the elevator reflection?

And who do you think is the next Supreme? Based on the power she showed in these episodes, it looks like it may be Zoe. But then again, Misty Day has the power to bring people back from the dead, much like Fiona. I guess there may be a couple contenders. What’s your hypothesis?


One thought on “American Horror Story: Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensue & Burn, Witch. Burn!

  1. It’s Zoe! She’s the supreme. And poor Mrytle. Do you think Misty Dae can rejuvenate burned skin? Me hopes.

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