I’m behind on my shows. So what’re you watching?

Consider this an Tuesday open thread of sorts. I’m woefully behind on my TV watching from last week, which makes it very difficult to post reviews. For some reason, people expect you to know what happened in an episode in order to write about it. Crazy stuff.

Even if I was caught up, I wouldn’t have all that much to write about anyway. I think I’m watching about ten shows right now: HIMYM, New Girl (though not very happily), American Horror Story: Coven, Top Chef, Parks and Rec (though now that’s on hiatus), Parenthood, Vampire Diaries, and The Amazing Race. If you include sporadic watchings, you can toss in The Tomorrow People and Witches of East End. I’m forcing myself to watch SHIELD, but that’s mainly so I can see if it’s ever going to get better (because right now, it’s just not good).¬†Everything else either just ended or hasn’t started up again.

Note that only a couple shows in this list are new, and none of them am I watching consistently. And the rest, I just haven’t been all that into — with the exception of TVD, perhaps. Oh, and Parks and Rec, but that’s a moot point right now.

There must be more out there to watch. What are you watching? What do you recommend? Help a girl out.


4 thoughts on “I’m behind on my shows. So what’re you watching?

  1. What! You don’t watch Grimm? Once Upon a Time? The Good Wife?

    I keep checking your page for a Coven review – last week’s episode was glorious. I loved every minute.

  2. See? This is the kind of things I need! I don’t really know what people are watching that they enjoy. Like, I watched the pilot of Grimm, but never really felt the need to come back. Is it worth watching? Or, for OUAT, they really turned me off last season — basically when all the characters discovered who they really were. As for The Good Wife, I’ve heard very good things, but I never felt I could jump in since sooooo much happens between all the characters on the show. But if it’s worth it, maybe I should try.

    (And the Coven review will be combined with the second half of the Halloween episode. I just caught up last night!)

  3. Yeah, you do sort of need to know the characters in The Good Wife. But it’s excellent. One of the best shows on TV, and I know your Mom agrees! Are you watching Walking Dead? Always good. I love Once Upon a Time, but I felt the same pang when they found out who they were. The show definitely lost some of its plot tension, but I still enjoy it.

    Witch, PLEASE get your Coven review up after tonight’s episode. I live for it! haha.

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