American Horror Story: Coven: The Replacement


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN: 3.03 “The Replacement”

I’m a bit delayed on writing about last week’s AHS, and in the days that have gone by, I’ve certainly tried to block as much of this episode out of my mind as possible. This all makes me wonder: Did American Horror Story take it too far?

I’m sure we’ve seen worse. But somehow Queenie’s scene with the beast coupled with Kyle’s scene with his mother just makes me want to hurl. I suppose that any horror story needs some sort of grotesque element, and since my main complaint in the first episode was that the scarred, tormented, and tortured souls in Madame’s basement didn’t do it for me, perhaps this was the direction of grotesqueness the writers thing it needed. I tend to disagree. There are much better things we could do with Queenie and her voodoo charm (heck, even with her virginity), and there are many ways that we could have dealt with Kyle and his mother. Actually, I’d argue that maybe that storyline could have been kept, but done differently — with a bit more subtlety — or maybe just not in the same episode as the beast.

The real story we have in this episode is that of the Supreme. We’re suddenly realizing why Fiona is so desperate to keep her youth and why she feels it’s being taken from her. Turns out another Supreme is on the rise, and as her power grows, Fiona’s weakens — and apparently, so does her body. To no one’s surprise, Fiona’s not going to let that happen.

Now, I’ll be honest. I watched AHS a day or two after it aired, and I had already read a spoiler about Madison’s fate. So in all the lead-up to her demise, I knew it was coming. That means it’s up to you commenters to tell me if it was a shock. Personally, if I were to warrant a guess based on what I saw, it seemed like the foreshadowing was pretty obvious. If she wasn’t going to die, Fiona was certainly going to do something to her. Now, I am surprised Madison’s gone so early in the series, but as other reviewers have already mentioned, characters don’t necessarily stay dead in this show. After all, we already have to people who’ve died and they’re back: Kyle and the insane Misty Day.

Anyway, I’m ready to put that episode behind me and to see what’s next. If only just to keep my lunch down.


3 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Coven: The Replacement

  1. Wow, incest and bestiality all in one episode. I shouldn’t be surprised because one thing this show loves to do pole vault itself over lines of propriety and decency… Still, I was surprised. But as gross as it was, I find myself still interested, unlike last year, so I’ll continue to watch.

  2. I wish Kyle weren’t a part of Coven at all. His whole story seems like a silly add-on. I think the ladies could have carried the season without him. And I wasn’t surprised by Fiona. And yes, the minotaur thing was really gross. BUT. The Kathy Bates scene where she discovers Barack Obama is president was the best. scene. ever. Priceless. Thank you Coven for that one!!!

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