HIMYM: Knight Vision

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.06 “Knight Vision”

HIMYM, you have chosen…poorly.

So, you know how I’ve been complaining and complaining that we’ve been dragging this whole Ted and Robin thing out and how they need to get over it. So they finally did. But now, here we are, mere hours after Ted and Barney held hands on the beach, and suddenly, Ted’s trying to get in some other girl’s pants? Did that seem odd to anyone else?

That aside, I guess I just wasn’t too enthralled with Ted’s quest for booty. It seems out of character for him, especially since he’s so close to meeting the mother (and he’s kissed dating good-bye — though we know he wasn’t planning on dating her). I just expected to see the mother in the corner of the screen or have her as one of the options he could consider but passed up because he was stuck with Cassie. No dice.

Though the vision of the knight was entertaining. And I appreciated the reference to the girl who screamed like the car alarm that was discussed years ago. Oh, and, “She chose Wesley”? That was great.

As for Robin and Barney, the whole lying about how you got together story just seemed…done? The priest assuming it was their friend who was lying, not them seemed…done? I don’t know. This all just seemed a little cliche. Until the point when they confessed that they loved how they got together — and you realized how just awful these two people were before they got together. I block out of my memory how Barney has slept with more than 250 people. And how many times they cheated on others for them to be together. I could see how it could kill the priest.

But without a priest, we need a minister. Or a judge. Enter…

Marshall. Marshall’s storyline was my favorite out of all of them, mainly because of his role playing with Daphne. Hearing Daphne’s voice come out of Lily’s little mouth was just a delight. I think I could watch that for an entire episode. And I’m just dying to find out what Lily says once she sees that text.

But ultimately, it must all work out fine. I fully expect that Marshall will be the officiant at the wedding. He is, after all, a judge (though, perhaps there’s a swearing in that must happen? I don’t know. But it seems like that’s where the show will be heading). And maybe that will help Lily get over it. But I think next week’s episode should be very interesting.

As for my thoughts on this week’s, it was fine. Certainly nothing to write home about. It took me a couple days just to come up with this short review!


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