The Originals: Always and Forever


THE ORIGINALS: 1.01 “Always and Forever”

There are two ways you could watch this episode: as someone who knows Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah from The Vampire Diaries, or as a newby, someone who doesn’t know anything about the show or its canon. Obviously, I came to the series knowing TVD, and frankly, I also came to the series as someone who wasn’t a fan of either Klaus or Hayley. While I rather like Rebekah, she’s not quite made her mark in the series yet (and I’m going to miss her on TVD) and I like Elijah, I just didn’t know what they were going to do with the series.

What’s more, I wasn’t all that impressed with the episode “The Originals” on TVD last year. Probably because it was very Klaus-centric.

So I was actually quite surprised how much I enjoyed The Originals. I appreciated the balance of introduction to the characters and canon with the nod to fans who’ve known these characters for years now. I also found it impressive that they were able to use just enough of the episode “The Originals” while not making it feel repetitive or tiresome. I don’t know how they did it, but they successfully set up the spinoff.

Plus, they answered one major question for me: How did they become the original vampires? And another: How did Klaus become a hybrid? Both of these were cleared up in flashbacks for me, and I finally found out the answers.

That being said, not all that much happened. If you watched “The Originals” and then watched the first episode of The Originals, the plot didn’t move all that much, with the exception of one stake in Elijah’s heart (but we TVD fans know that wouldn’t kill him anyway). So I don’t know where the series is going to be going. And since I really can’t stand Hayley, I’m not really one to want to spend much time with her (especially with pregnancy mood swings, uggh).

But TVD always made good use of witchcraft in TVD, so I bet we’ll have just as much fun — if not more — in good ol’ New Orleans. I guess we’ll see.

…That’s if anyone tunes in tonight and every other Tuesday night hereafter. Why they separated this show from TVD, I’ll never know.


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