HIMYM: The Broken Code

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.04 “The Broken Code”

I know it was stunty, but the best thing they could’ve done with Jason Segel in this episode was put him in an iPad. Somehow being up close and personal with Marshall’s face, despite his distance across the country, made for a fantastic interaction between him and the rest of the gang. His eyes were huge and rather freaky, so even while others were talking, he added an element of entertainment by just being there. In fact, go back and watch some scenes and just focus in on him. Don’t pay attention to Ted, Barney, Lily, or Robin. Trust me, you’ll have a reaction.

As for those in Farhampton, hopefully we’re nearing the end of the “Ted pines over Robin” story. It’s been done. It’s over. It’s dead. Yet somehow we’re propping it up and moving it about as if it’s an old stiff on Weekend at Bernie’s (see how I did that?). It seems like Ted’s reached closure with Barney, and vice versa, and Ted seems to be on his way with closure with Robin. He’s had his back and forth with Lily. What’s left? That moment in the room as Robin’s in her wedding dress, asking to see Ted? That final moment when Ted will decide whether to let her go down that aisle?

My guess is yes, that will be the final moment. But I’m just hoping that we don’t have too much more lamenting before that moment happens. I mean, we’re still three days before the wedding. We’ve got to get a move on.

ImageBut while we’re still here, let’s harp on one more thing. While I can understand Barney’s annoyance at Ted and I could fully understand his using the Bro Code to explain why, I felt like the entire story was used just to sell copies of The Bro Code. I mean, they used the actual paperback for goodness’ sake. It felt a bit cheap to me. They could have easily done this without having copies of the real book around. (If you’re also looking to nitpick, I’d also argue that Barney was clearly visible to Robin in the park outside the carousel, so I have no idea how she didn’t see him. But I digress.)

In other non-salesy, not-Bah-Ted news, in typical sitcom fashion, we’re discovering that Robin has no girl friends other than Lily. It’s something I haven’t spent much time thinking about but I guess in the eight years that have passed since we’ve first met Robin, she ditched those galpals that she first arrived at the bar with and focused in on our select group of Scoobies. It didn’t feel out of place, and actually, it’s nice to see the woman have a problem with friendships, as opposed to the man, which is the usual way it goes (think I Love You, Man for a good movie and Segel reference).

Overall, the episode was solid. My favorite parts were the small jokes between the plot and possibly Tim Gunn’s appearance (I still have no idea what he said at that poker table). And hey, who wouldn’t be excited to see the Karate Kid’s nemesis again? So I do give the show props for keeping some freshness along with some tired plotlines.


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