The Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 5.01 “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

And we’re back in Mystic Falls — well, sort of. More accurately, we’ve just started TVD: The College Years. Elena and Caroline are off at college, which, to my surprise, is not a conveniently located community college in Mystic Falls. They are still under the impression that Bonnie is alive and off seeing the world. Stephan is still under water while Silas goes around with the same face. And Tyler is apparently off helping fellow wolves, the usual absentee.

Let’s start with Tyler, as I’m pretty disappointed with what they’re doing with him so far. I’m not the biggest fan of Tyler — he’s fine enough — but I am a fan of Caroline’s. So it’s bugging me that they’re wasting so much of her energy on an absent character. Last season, we spent way too much time with Caroline pining over a missing Tyler — even to the point where she was leaving messages on his phone (despite her knowing he had to go off the grid). At least last season we had Klaus to add a little sexual tension for her on the show. This season, not so far. I’m just bored with the Caroline/Tyler drama…when you never actually get to see any of it.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Elena are now at college. I’m intrigued by the mystery, but I’m still skeptical of the entire college storyline. At least there’s a mystery for them to follow there, but why put them in college anyway? They’re vampires; why not just have them live their lives outside of school? Do we really have so little to do with these characters that we have to throw in dorm rooms and frat parties? (By the way, I’m pretty sure their dorm room is bigger than my entire apartment. I hope some compulsion came into play with the room assignments.)

I’m also a little skeptical that these two girls wouldn’t realize something is up with Bonnie yet. Even if she was traveling around, don’t they find it odd that she hasn’t called? Emailed, sure, but somehow I’d find it surprising that they wouldn’t demand to hear a voice. It’s just too convenient.

In interesting news, we have Silas. Now, here’s where the show surprised me. I thought for sure that we’d have a few weeks where people really thought they were talking to Stephan, not Silas. But right off the bat, he identified himself. Sure, three months have gone by in their world, but to us, the viewers, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more deception from him, taking advantage of his shadow self being such a selfless, goody-goody vampire.

That being said, at least he’s more entertaining (slightly) than evil Stephan. There’s less debate about his humanity (that’s left for Stephan’s hallucinations, yawn), and he doesn’t seem to care whether the world knows about supernatural beings. So there are some definite interesting things that can happen.

So I’ll go with it for now. I didn’t know what to expect for this season as it transitioned out of high school, and so far, it’s taken some directions I didn’t expect. Now let’s see what they do with them.

UPDATE: Matt! I forgot about Matt! Possibly the most interesting part of this episode was the new magic that seemed to overtake Matt near the end of the episode. That’s what I’m most curious about — and I cared much more about that than anything having to do with Silas (I automatically dislike Silas because he reminds me of boring old Stephan). Not sure what they might’ve done to or with Matt — but let’s hope it’s not another threesome. Matt’s a good boy, after all.


4 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer

  1. I didn’t even know that Vampire Diaries was starting until I saw it on my DVR! I really liked this episode. I was glad about the college not being in Mystic Falls. It’s annoying when TV shows do that! I wish Rebecca was still on the show though because I really like the storyline with her and Matt. I’m also intrigued to see where this story line takes Matt!

    Yeah, I don’t get why Tyler is always missing. Why does he have to help out this wolf pack? Is he just not on the show anymore and that’s why they are doing this storyline?

    Btw, being a “Delena” fan…I LOVED this opening scene with the two of them.

  2. As a fellow Damon/Elena shipper (do people still say shipper? I should know this), I loved seeing Damon take on the “boyfriend” role. He’s clearly out of his element, but it’s entertaining to see that everything he does is solely so that Elena won’t get upset with him. I mean, why else would he have to care whether Jeremy gets in a fight at school or gets expelled. At this point in their lives, it just seems so trivial (though really, it was dumb to send Jeremy back to school anyway, in my opinion). Of course, that does extend all the way out to Damon’s keeping Jeremy alive. I’m pretty sure that Elena getting upset was the only reason he did that, too.

  3. And as a random side note, I love the promo art for this season. I just want to stare at it and find hidden clues.

  4. Yeah, it did seem dumb to send Jeremy back to school and act like he faked his own death. I wouldn’t have wanted to go back after that! Obviously people would think he is weird. Haha.

    And I never thought about that with the promo art! Now I’m staring at it too!

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