HIMYM: Last Night in New York

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.03 “Last Night in New York”

Another hour in toward Barney and Robin’s nuptials. And this particular hour brings us bus loads of elderly family — but they’re family and we love them. The greatest generation. Any who…

I have mixed feelings about this episode. For one, I thought it a little strange that we flashed back to scenes earlier in the series, like Ted and Stella, Ted being beaten up, things like that. Those moments felt a little like the old school clip show but not. But they didn’t quite feel like HIMYM‘s usual flashbacks either. In essence, I think it indicates a different direction this season is taking, and that is, the end. We all know this is the series’ final season. And the writers are going to make sure you remember it. All. Season. Long.

That being said, it worked. I remembered the show’s old good times (even if they were bad for Ted). I reminisced. And I can tell I’m going to bawl like a little baby come the finale.

I also really appreciated Lily in this episode. You know, sometimes I haven’t liked what the show has done with Lily. Claiming that she can’t keep a secret and then finding out that all these years she’s been secretly betting against her friends or breaking up Ted’s relationships. Disconnects like that. Sometimes I feel like they just adjust her character for plot devices.

But in this episode, we really got to see the good side of Lily. I liked the perceptive side of Lily, the wise side of Lily, and even the funny side of Lily (I don’t know how long it will be until the “Thank you, Linus” joke will get old, but so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it). In the end, I really appreciated the last speech she gave Ted — and the point that there’s no way that will be her last life lesson for him.

As for Ted, I’m growing a bit tired of his Robin’s lament… I do hope that ends soon. But since this was primarily focused on his conversation with Lily and his leaving New York (aka, actual moving plot), I didn’t mind it as much this time around. Plus, who could pass up a great grammar joke: Your a penis.

What else? Marshall? Barely in it. There’s not much to be said here. Marvin really stole the scene in his Vikings gear. And then Robin and Barney? Eh. That was fine. Yes, I’ll get a little tired pretty soon of the constant marriage fears they each face (last week, did James’ divorce spook Barney; this week, will they continue to have sex post-wedding). They’re going to run out soon, and it’s going to get old. But right now, it’s early on, and I have patience.

So now it’s just wondering what’s next, especially given that final scene, where Ted finds out the Barney knew about that moment in the park in the rain with Robin. As a cliffhanger, it didn’t work so much for me because I really don’t think the two will have some huge falling out. But given that we have an entire season devoted to a long weekend, at least I know we’re going somewhere.


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