HIMYM: The Locket and Coming Back

ImageHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.01 “The Locket”
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 9.02 “Coming Back”

How I Met Your Mother returned this week with back-to-back episodes and a new mother in tow. I must commend the show on one thing: Kudos, casting director, for finding the one woman with bigger eyes that Alyson Hannigan. I didn’t notice in the brief introduction of the mother last year, but sheesh. You put those two together, and WOWZA. Eyes everywhere.

So to me, these two episodes were a hit and a miss, and I’m glad they were paired up. Mainly because if one of these episodes had been shown solo, I might’ve been a little turned off by the season, hesitant to come back (but hey, I’ve pulled through this long, I might as well see the end). I really liked “The Locket” (with one exception), but “Coming Back” missed the mark for me. Fortunately, “The Locket” carried me along far enough for me to ignore that ickiness.

Let’s start with “The Locket.” And let’s start with where I was disappointed. And that is with Ted. This is really no surprise, as Ted’s been the weak spot of the series for a while now. I had hope for him at the end of last season, since we now know who the mother is, so seeing that he’s still hung up on Robin really bugs me. He’s trying to track down the locket to give to Robin. He’s the “wild card.” We get it. But didn’t he give that up last year, when he decided to move away? Why does he need to be the problem of the wedding? I just wish we’d let this go; we’re beating a dead horse.

But otherwise, I enjoyed it. Barney and Robin did well with their banter. While I do miss Marshall with the rest of the group, he wasn’t too bad solo (though, come on, prop masters; let’s find a better Marvin prop than that odd ball of blankets resting on his lap in the plane). I’m a bit hesitant about his galpal Daphne that we picked up in “Coming Back,” but we’ll see how that plays out. So he was ok.

But overall, I was most pleased with Lily and the mother, who — correct me if I’m wrong — we still don’t know the name of yet. They had a great back and forth (really, brilliant to put her next to Hannigan for her first interactive scene), and overall, I feel like we got a full glimpse of what she’s like. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her all season.

As for “Coming Back,” well, I’m mostly peeved about Barney’s brother. Barney’s brother was always such a standup guy since we first met him. And now with two little kids with his partner, I’m really ticked that we decided to use him as a plot device. Suddenly, he’s a cheater cheater cheater. Cheating once, ok, maybe I could see as a Stinson slip up. But multiple times? It just seemed forced and out of character.

So I guess that isn’t such a huge deal, but since it was so present through the entire episode, it bugged me. Forced plotline. And I liked James. Why ruin him?

But it was a nice ending. We’re reminded, yet again, of the impending mother meeting, and we get to see Ted happy and content. Even though they haven’t yet met, I like these teasers to see how they interact. It’s going to make for a fuller picture once we do see the end, and that pleases me.


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