How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva, EP 507

I made so many promises that I’d tell you what I watched this summer! Ok, I just made one. But slowly but surely, I’m getting there. Though I better hurry up because fall is upon us. Sleepy Hollow was the first new show to premiere (I believe, though I’ve been terribly out of the loop) last night, and we’ve got many more to come. But anyway…

Drop Dead Diva. One of my fun favorites. It’s just an uplifting show with good characters and fun twists. And you have to take it seriously. After all, they did. What other show about a woman who comes back from the dead to relive a life had been cancelled only to be brought back from the dead to live again? Talk about living into a premise.

Unfortunately, I think that little twist of fate for the show is what killed it for me this season. After such an intense season finale, when we didn’t know whether Owen would live or die or how the real Jane would be returning to this earth, I was expecting something HUGE. But no, real Jane was gone in only a couple episodes, no real threat to Jane. The Owen/Jane/Grayson love triangle was not too impressive — and I felt that the shift from Jane’s loving and needing Owen to Jane needing and loving Grayson (in the final episode) was just too fast.

Meanwhile, as much as it took me a while to warm up to Luke, I missed him; Paul was a bore. Parker was nowhere to be found, so the cliffhanger of his being the father to Kim’s baby was lost in the shuffle. My guess is that these two were casualties when the show was cancelled — either they moved on without the show or just weren’t renewed when the series was for creative or financial reasons.

And then there was Stacy. The whole pregnancy thing and choosing the baby daddy just didn’t grab my attention. It could just use some work.

So while the cases were cute and I was so happy to see my characters back again, the season just fell a little flat for me. Not to say I won’t enjoy it returning. We’ve got to see what happens if the firm gets sold, right? And Deb/Jane still needs her happy ending.

But maybe we’ll have a little more fun with it. Because something was just…missing…this summer.

*image courtesy of Lifetime


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