Raked Takes a Break (But We’ll Be Back!)

You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet on here lately — and that’s putting it nicely. We have a pretty good reason. JC and I have welcomed our first child into the world just a few weeks ago, which is taking a little bit of our time and attention away from our usual routines. What does this mean for Raked? It means you might see less of us this summer.

That being said, we will be back. Raked Reviews is still a very important part of our lives, and so is watching all that great summer TV! We’re still watching the following (even if it means our TiVo is really helping us play catchup from time to time):

  • Falling Skies: I’m loving Drew Roy’s evil side, though I do have my hesitations about the 2nd Mass’s alien alliance — from a sci fi standpoint, not a plot one.
  • Drop Dead Diva: Oh, I’m so glad to see who Owen came back as — and I’m thrilled to see this show come back at all!
  • Hannibal: We’re a couple episodes behind on this one, but we’re still watching. And why wouldn’t we? It’s great.
  • Switched at Birth: This is one of the few I’m still catching live on a regular basis, and Daphne’s driving me nuts!

Those are just a few. Plus, there are some other new or returning shows that we may not have written about on the site in the past that we’re checking out. And JC is even considering covering the final episodes of Breaking Bad when it returns later this summer. So yes, we’re still watching. We may pop in and out, but it will be a quiet summer. Hopefully, we’ll get our bearings and schedules down, so that by fall, we’ll be able to roll into high gear again.

Of course, just because we’re on a summer hiatus doesn’t mean you have to go without a Raked fix. Follow me on Twitter to get my immediate reactions to things, including some of the series I’m now rewatching or awful daytime/syndicated television. After all, did you know Alan Tudyk guested on Frasier?

Neither did I. Until yesterday.

But thank you, readers, for your patience and for not giving up on us. We’ll be back. Happy summering!


2 thoughts on “Raked Takes a Break (But We’ll Be Back!)

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