HIMYM: Something New

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.24 “Something New”

If you haven’t yet watched this week’s episode of HIMYM, perhaps you should stop now. Stop reading. Stop tweeting. Stop searching the web. Because if anything, you’ll learn one main spoiler, or as the promos called it, THE MOTHER OF ALL SECRETS.


Now, hearing such a promo, I was rather skeptical. Lots of people were saying that we’d meet the mother. But given how this series has gone up to now, I was sure that wasn’t the case. The mother of all secrets? How about Ted moving to Chicago? How about Marshall becoming a judge? Yes, as each of these unfolded in the episode, I was convinced that the mother of all secrets was just another small reveal, nothing to worry ourselves with.

But in the end, I guess we should have renamed the episode from “Something New” to “How We Met the Mother.” Indicated by her guitar case, yellow umbrella, and even her boots (yes, Lily, you’re right; she’s wandering around in boots you can borrow so you can be best friends), we discovered the mother’s true face (played by Cristin Milioti) in the final moments of the episode, as she got her own train ticket to Barney and Robin’s wedding (after all, she was the bassist).

Were you surprised? Certainly, I was. Still in my state of denial, I thought for sure we wouldn’t see her face. We’d see her shoes, her umbrella, maybe even hear her voice. But that’s about it. But now, we saw her. The person who hasn’t is Ted.


To which I say…FINALLY! This is what this show needed so long ago. Something to push the show forward, to give it momentum. There’s only so much you can do by blinding the audience, and with many infuriated fans and false leads throughout the years, clearly, the writers realized this (though in reading this interview with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, it seems like this was something new to them — that perhaps they could introduce her early without ruining things; many have been wanting this for a long time). So now, at least we know what we’re facing in the coming final season.

Or do we? Supposedly, May 13, 2013, was Barney and Robin’s wedding day. As we led up to last night’s episode, I realized that couldn’t really be their wedding date — we’ve got another season ahead of us. So does this mean the wedding happens or not? Does it mean that Ted meets him in the premiere if the wedding does happen (I doubt it) or not? Will Lily and Marshall end up in NYC or Italy? And when will Ted finally meet the mother? We have another season ahead of us, but it’s still unclear where the show is going to go. But at least we’re seeing pieces being put together.

And don’t think that just by knowing the mother’s face, we have all the answers. After all, we don’t know her name. We don’t know where she lives. We don’t know how Ted will finally meet her (ok, we know it’s at the train station, but that’s about it), and we don’t know how it all will play out. There’s still a lot to learn.

So who is the mother? In a way we know, in a way we don’t. But thank God, we’re finally headed in the right direction.

Watch the big reveal again here:


2 thoughts on “HIMYM: Something New

  1. So, this interview from “>TV Line suggests that all of next season will only cover the 50 some odd hours before the wedding itself.

    Which. Sounds. Awful.

    It’d be much more interesting if they just covered the wedding in the first few episodes and then gave us the rest of the season to see how Ted and the future-mother interacted and started falling for each other. Or, if they did a lot of flashbacks showing what the mother herself was up to in the past eight years. But no, that would be too creative. Instead, they’re just going to torture us and probably not show her again until the final scene of the show. How dumb.

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