Switched at Birth: Introducing the Miracle

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 2.10 “Introducing the Miracle”

You know, considering how great and momentous last week’s episode of Switched at Birth was (at least in my opinion), last night’s mid-season finale fell a little flat for me. We went from a huge uprising and rebellion — one that resulted in kids being pulled out of the school by force — to a boring, ho-hum, yes, we’ll keep the school open, but we’ll be adding hearing kids. And Travis drama. As much as I used to like Travis, his issues are just boring to watch at this point.

And Daphne, well, she was… Gosh, Daphne’s just horrible now, isn’t she? She used to be so smiley and happy. Now we get that little half-angry pout every scene or so. And her discussions with Bay have just really been grinding my nerves. Bay had every right to be angry about Daphne kissing her boyfriend (and Daphne really couldn’t play dumb when Emmett already confronted her about it), and I just don’t see why Daphne insisted on yelling at her, asking her why she always wanted to be the victim, when Daphne’s been playing the victim card for episodes on end. Yes, I understand there’s some relevance in her hearing vs. deaf kids points, but in arguing this, she is, in fact, playing the victim.

That leads me to Bay’s quote in the paper. I naturally like Bay (she’s one of the strongest characters in the show, and you can already see my frustration at Daphne), so I don’t think that she did anything wrong. She was supporting the cause. Now, I do understand Daphne’s point here, too, that they didn’t need a hearing person to speak for them — that they’ve been getting that their entire lives. That was a really interesting argument. If only it weren’t so heated from Daphne’s side. I might actually respect it more.

In the end, Carlton’s staying open, hearing kids are coming, and everyone’s…happy? It felt too tidy for me. I wanted a real cliffhanger.

What kind of cliffhanger? Well, some more Noah/Bay/Emmett drama would be good (man, I just want Bay and Emmett together already). Or even Noah/Bay/Daphne (and geez, he handled that breakup terribly). Or even something where we didn’t know the fate of Carlton. I don’t know. It just fell flat for me.

The cliffhanger, so to speak, instead was focused on Angelo’s baby walking out the door with its mother. The bummer about this is that I could care less about Angelo. So I didn’t really care. Then there was Regina and her rehab, which was sad (though she was taking it surprisingly well), but Regina’s been such a pill this season that I didn’t mind seeing her leave for a bit. I’m sure she’ll return — in fact, I hope she does, because while she annoyed me, I can’t imagine this show without her — but I wonder how long it’d be.

And then there was Toby, who got engaged. We all know this is a stupid mistake, but I really like Toby. He’s one of the few stand-alone characters who seems to have his own life, and I like seeing it progress. Curious to see where this goes, but it’s not enough for a cliffhanger, in my opinion.

As for John… Uggh. John’s the worst (I think we’re noticing a theme in this review). And, of course, much like the rest of John’s life, he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter, including this State Senator seat. I personally would have liked to see him fail (and geez, if we were really going to handle this story right, we would have seen him campaign; I still don’t know what issues he’s standing on). Or heck, I would have liked to see him win doing something different — like embracing the Carlton rebellion and using it as a platform to discuss special needs in education. That would have been interesting. But instead, the other candidate drops out and he just gets the seat. Boo. There’s nothing more boring than seeing this guy managing politics.

In the end, I guess I was just hoping for more. Lots of buildup to this episode, but it just didn’t go anywhere. If I didn’t know the show was coming back in the summer, I’d almost think this was an episode that was written just in case the series was cancelled, wrapping everything in a tidy bow. But that’s not the case. It just seemed to miss out on a great opportunity.

What’d you think?


2 thoughts on “Switched at Birth: Introducing the Miracle

  1. I’ve been frustrated with Daphe for a while now. She is just awful. When Bay blows up, she apologizes and owns it. Daphe never thinks she does anything wrong! And Regina totally threw Bay under the bus – Bay is overreacting! Bay is being so silly! I will use Bay to lie to you! Poor Bay. I feel like the Kennishes and Regina are fight to be parents to golden Daphne and Bay is just left over. Notice how Regina NEVER gets involved in Bay’s life, parenting decisions, punishments, but the Kennish’s are like – you didn’t tell me Daphne got a PAPERCUT!? Call the lawyers! Was Regina even involved in the whole Bay leaves home and runs of to Mexico plotline? Blah.

    The actress who plays Daphne is not subtle at ALL. Rohan has these cards that show expressions and that’s what this actress is like all the time – “worried!” “scared!” “angry!” “happy!” I could do a better job, and I can’t act my way out of a paper bag.

  2. I love Bay and I feel like she gets the short straw every time, but she is the strongest character on the show. Like the person before said, Regina and the Kennishes fight for the right to parent Daphne, but Bay is like the forgotten child. She was the one who noticed that Regina had a problem, but Regina consistently makes her her scape goat. Daphne is seriously getting on my nerves. And poor Toby.

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