Finally, Last Week on Vampire Diaries…

tvd jeremyTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.15 “Stand by Me”

Why did it take me this long to write about last week’s episode? It certainly didn’t take me this long to watch it. But to process it…yes, that took me a while.

Now, let’s do our best to not break down into tears again while thinking about this episode. Because last week was rough. I didn’t go full-on Elena, but I certainly didn’t handle myself as well as Caroline, Stefan, and Damon. Put me somewhere in Matt’s camp. Ok, maybe not that bad. But there were tears.

Jeremy is dead, folks. While I hoped the ring would do its job, I forgot about the “supernatural being” rule. Since Jeremy became a hunter, that means he no longer is safe. And now we see that. Poor Jeremy is dead, and honestly, the whole TVD camp seems to be in ruins.

I know I said this last week, but Jeremy’s death makes sense, given that I have no idea where we’d take him from here. That being said, I’m going to miss Jeremy, and I doubt I’m the only one. Why else would we have the last image of him being enveloped in flames, much like the old kings that were set ablaze, floating in the water. There was something noble and heroic about Jeremy, and while I’m not sure I can say he was the glue that kept the group together, he certainly played a large role.

But with him gone — and with Elena’s humanity turned off — the game has changed. I personally think Damon made a mistake, telling Elena to turn it off. From my couch, I wanted him to just tell her to stop crying, calm down, or put the match away (of course, that would make for some boring television). Now that her humanity is hidden, she has no sentimentality, no caring, no passion. In fact, will she even continue to love Damon? Perhaps he’ll have a surprise coming soon.

I am sad to see her house go. I think we’ll hit some horribly nostalgic moment when she realizes all she threw away in that moment, whenever her humanity is turned on again (I wonder how long that will be).

Meanwhile, there’s Bonnie. Now, Bonnie seems to have drunk a whole lot of island Kool-aid while she was gone. She’s willing to kill twelve people, just to get her Grams and Jeremy back — along with a whole lot of big bads. Perhaps Shane got in her head, but from what we saw at the end of the episode, she certainly isn’t talking to Shane anymore. She’s talking to a figment — whether it’s a hallucination like when she saw Grams, or whether it is Silas impersonating Shane. Either way, it’s not the man Rebekah found on the ground of the island in her search for Katherine.

I think all the tables have turned now. Elena isn’t who she used to be. And neither is Bonnie. Any guesses as to what will happen next?


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