HIMYM: Weekend at Barney’s

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.18 “Weekend at Barney’s”

You know, this has been a pretty weak season. I watch the episode, find myself moderately entertained (or rolling my eyes) for 30 minutes, and then when I think back on it to write on it, I can’t remember what happened. That’s not the best thing for a TV show. Especially one that used to be one of my go-to shows.

On the bright side, we got rid of Jeannette in this episode. Seeing as they hinted at their explosive ending (haha, pun) a few episodes ago, I thought we’d have to wait forever to find out how and when this relationship ended. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long. Jeannette wasn’t entertaining to me, and Ted was just a bore. The running gag that Jeannette would do something off the rails and Ted would just accept it happily got tired rather fast. So I’m glad she’s out of the picture.

Was it done well? Eh. It was…blah. The highlight of the entire relationship was seeing those red cowboy boots charred and falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, we had Barney, who still has his playbook. Here, I felt we were rehashing what we already put to rest. Didn’t Barney already burn the playbook? Yes, but that was just the fancy one. There was another original copy. Uggh.

Just do something and live with it already, writer team. Don’t keep creating loopholes because you’ve run out of material.

The only good thing about this was seeing Barney convince Robin that he loved her and that the reason that they work out is because of all the deception and lies he’s done up until now, all the while doing magic. It was a great moment. If only it was in a better episode.

Now, if you asked me what Marshall and Lily did in this episode, I can’t tell you. Really. I just can’t remember. That’s how good it was.

So overall, I give this one a thumbs down. But maybe now that we’ve nixed a few storylines, we can finally move forward.

4 thoughts on “HIMYM: Weekend at Barney’s

  1. So, Ted said this was the last girl he dated before the mother, right? And the creators have insisted we’re not going to see her until the last episode? And there’s still about a season and a half left until then, right? Does that mean no more annoying Ted girlfriends?

  2. That’s what I’d assume. They’ve said twice that this is the last person that he dated before he met the mother. However, they’ve only said that he meets her in the final season. If they play their cards right, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had him come face to face with her in the season premiere (but we don’t see her face), and then we actually see her in the last episode. They’d have to use the same flash forward/flashback elements they used in this season’s premiere in order to make that work, though.

    That’s, at least, my suggestion.

    But yeah, a little more than a season with no additional girlfriends for Ted. Thank god!

  3. Wasn’t this the episode with all the art gallery flashbacks? Um, I CRACKED UP at the skittles scene. That was like the best scene of the whole show for me.

  4. Oh you’re right! That’s what Lily and Marshall were doing. The Skittles scene was good, though I wish they hadn’t told us twice ahead of time that this was the last bag that he ever bought for good reason. It would have been even better if we didn’t see the Skittles fall coming.

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