Bunheads: Next

bunheadsBUNHEADS: 1.18 “Next”

Ok, how did half a season of Bunheads go by without my writing on it? I’ve been watching the whole time, but for some reason, the words never made it up on this site. Sorry about that.

But here we are, at the season finale. Now, this one didn’t pack the same punch that, say, the mid-season finale did (“O Captain, My Captain!”), but man, this one was a doozy.

Now, you knew one of these poor girls was going to have sex before the episode ended. I thought it was going to be Boo, pressured into it by Sasha. Then, of course, she’d regret it. The second runner up was Sasha, who, quite frankly, just wanted to, but didn’t want to do it alone. In the end, we found out it was actually Ginny, and now that I look back, I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

The entire second half of this season was devoted to Ginny. Sure, Sasha was the one with the new apartment and new boyfriend, and Melanie had the new roller derby hobby, but around this was Ginny, who was realizing more and more that she just didn’t fit in with her friends as well as she used to. She was down, she was out, and she just wanted to become somebody. She felt she was competing with the new girl who seemed to have it all, and the only person who occasionally gave her any attention was her new crush, Frankie. So why wouldn’t she have taken it to the next step?

Unfortunately, we have to remember that Ginny’s a young high schooler, and the next step isn’t always the best idea, despite Sasha’s pushing. Seeing her confess to Michelle all that happened and desperately wondering if he’d call her (when we all knew that he got what he wanted and was planning to leave it at that) was just heartbreaking. Ginny grew up too fast and learned a pretty tough lesson.

It’s certainly not the way I wanted to walk away from the season. Ginny is probably my favorite character. But I have to give the writers kudos for taking us there.

Meanwhile, we had Michelle auditioning for a show…kinda. I loved seeing the harsh reality of an open call, just getting kicked out of the running based on how you look. But hearing in the end that the “open” roles were already filled was even worse. There’s certainly no business like show business, and I think that was a tough pill to swallow, even for a veteran like Michelle.

In the end, with all the ups and downs, we did get a cute little dance number. But while it sounds all fun and games to “make whoopee,” I think we’re all left with a helpless feeling as we see a little blonde girl, crying on a bench.


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