My Thoughts on Cult

cult picCULT: 1.01 “You’re Next”

You know, if you’re going to add more TV for me to watch, can we please try to fill some of those windows of time where I don’t watch anything? Like Wednesday at 8:00. Can’t we do that?

Despite my schedule, Cult premiered this week (on Tuesday, at 9:00). This is a show that I’ve been antsy about since I first heard that Matt Davis was going to be in it last spring or summer. I was disappointed to find out it was a mid-season show and that I had to wait longer. Either way, I had no idea what the show as about (other than a cult), and I was anxious to find out what it was.

Then the commercials started rolling in. Pictures of men nailed to tables and creepy cult leaders staring into the camera. Questions of whether this TV show was real. At that point, I was a bit done with the show, appalled that it would come down to such a stupid premise. To me, the question of whether the cult is real or just a silly TV show didn’t matter.

Fortunately, the episode actually landed squarely in between these two. While I didn’t go into the show with high expectations (thank you, promos), I was actually quite interested to see where it was going. As a TV fan myself, someone who gets probably too wrapped up in some series (though not as bad ad building entire fan sites to a particular and mastering the hidden clues — let alone doing role playing), I found it interesting seeing how an obsession toward a series can lead to some really grim results.

There’s certainly a mystery unfolding in the series, and that mystery had me hooked. Where is Jeff’s brother? Why are some people disappearing and others dying? Why are some killing themselves? And what does that crazy line they’re all saying mean?

While, yes, there are some cliched elements — too many drives on dark, lonely highways in the rain — something about it appeals to me. And while it was a bit silly, I did appreciate that Steven Rae was also the creator of the series I’m watching, not just the series on the show. Part of me hopes that this is all the start of a very intense online “what does it all mean” game somewhere (if that isn’t included, the CW really missed a great opportunity), and in that case, we’ve got something really interesting on our hands.

That being said, where it goes from here now that Jeff is “next” and how the series will be sustainable, I have no idea. But it’s enough for me to come back and see what’s going to happen.

What’d you think?

PS – If you’d like to see how difficult it is to write about a show named Cult that has within it a show named Cult, you should read this review. A great review of the series, but you’ll see what I’m getting at.


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