Catching up on The Vampire Diaries

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 5.14  “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Yes, I have been watching The Vampire Diaries. With all the developments lately, how could I not? But I do have my loyalties. And since Community is back and hanging by a thread, and TVD has already been picked up for next season, I have no hesitation watching it late. Just saying.

But when I do miss it, it drive me crazy until I can reach an hour space where I can catch up. And last week was hard. Like, really hard. I didn’t get to catch up until Tuesday because of travel. Now, on the bright side, this means I had only two days to wait to see what happens next after such a big cliffhanger.

Jeremy, it seems, may be dead. Killed by Silas (and Katherine, by association), Jeremy now lies lifeless on the floor of the cavern he went into. But here’s the catch: He was wearing his ring. Which means, he could end up popping back into life. But as we learned through both Jeremy and Alaric, the more you use the ring, the less effective it is (or the more it changes you) and with Jeremy now a Hunter, who knows if the ring even works anymore. Either way, there’s a good chance that little Jeremy Gilbert is gone.

What I most appreciated in this scene was Bonnie. Not only was she hurt in the process, stabbed by another Hunter, but she had to watch as Jeremy’s lifeless body fell to the ground. I do wonder why Bonnie didn’t really react (if anything, I’d scream), but the look on her face gave us impact enough.

The cure is now in Katherine’s possession. And if Jeremy is dead, Silas is now awake and most likely will be haunted by Jeremy’s ghost, given the Hunter’s curse (so I guess the young Gilbert may be out of our lives but potentially not off our TV screens). Who knows what terror Silas will bring; I’m just glad that this means we might have a different big bad than Klaus.

As for the cure, what did you think about the big “twist” that there was only one dose? Personally, this isn’t all that surprising. Given how everyone first started saying it was for Elena when they heard about it a long time ago, I just figured there was only one. Only recently did I start wondering why everyone seemed to want to take it. Why Katherine wants it, I have no idea (somehow, I don’t see Katherine wanting to be human), but I am disappointed Rebekah didn’t get it. While she’s bad and all that, she really seems to be the one that needs it the most or wants it the most (perhaps I’m just falling for her puppy dog eyes).

Either way, it looks like we’ve got some pretty heavy things coming up. I really don’t want Jeremy to be dead, but given all that he’s gone through in the last five seasons, what else is there for him to do? His back-and-forth with Bonnie felt a little too much like an ongoing good-bye speech to me, so I think this just might be his time.

It’s dark and it’s morbid, but it might be exciting for the series.


One thought on “Catching up on The Vampire Diaries

  1. Wow. I can’t believe Jeremy is dead! I’m surprised they didn’t find a way around it. And the twist with Silas at the end? He’s in Shane’s body now, right? Or did I not understand that last scene correctly with Rebecca.

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