Smash: On Broadway and the Fallout

SMASH: 2.01 “On Broadway”
SMASH: 2.02 “The Fallout”

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m rather behind on my reviews because of a cold. This lets me watch TV, but thinking about it? Writing about it? The head is foggy.

But I do have some thoughts on the two-hour time suck that was last night’s premiere of Smash: long, boring, rehashing, and kinda…not worth two hours. I feel bad being so negative, but wish such incredible trailers, I was hoping for a lot. But right now, it’s a bit of a juggling act, surrounded by stuff I thought we were past.

For one thing, with a new showrunner, I thought we might get somewhere with plot. I was a little over Bombshell, now that we knew Karen was to star. I figured we’d pick up in New York with the show on Broadway and take it from there with new drama, new faces, and new…whatever. But instead, we picked up right where we left off, which means Karen’t still reeling over Ivy and her ex-fiance, Julia is still having issues with her husband (by the way, wasn’t she pregnant? Did they forget about this? Did I make this up?), and the show is back where it started. But instead of just moving on with success, we hit another big obstacle: Eileen’s financial issues.

Now, I like Eileen. And I think it’s interesting to see the financial side of showbiz. But it’s also…boring? And sadly, I don’t remember anything about how she got money for the show. So that was all a fuzzy area. What annoyed me about it is that Karen is now back waiting tables, Ivy’s back at auditions, and Tom and Julia are shuffling their feet yet again.

I just wish the show were going somewhere. Which, I guess, some can argue it that it is, with the introduction of Jennifer Hudson’s character and the two new guys. The only thing is…I don’t care about them. I like Jennifer Hudson — her character was instantly likable. And I like Kyle, but Jimmy is a pill. I just have no interest.

So I have no idea where this season is going, and two hours was a long commitment for me in order to have no clue. The songs were…fun. But I would have enjoyed more original songs and dance numbers, and a little less rehashing.

That’s just me. What’d you think?


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