HIMYM: P.S. I Love You

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.15 “P.S. I Love You”

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Shocked? Really, I mean it. I think I got a kick out of all the cameos (Jason Priestley stood out particularly), as well as the Canadian jokes and even Full House throwbacks. I actually just enjoyed it.

Now, some caveats. I did miss thinking of Robin Sparkles as Robin Sparkles. Robin…Dagger, was it?…just felt odd. The 1990s-style music video was entertaining, and again, a great throwback. But I missed the 1980s, sparkly, bedazzled girl. Plus, it bugged me a little bit that she implied her career ended with “Sandcastles in the Sand” back in the day, and then we found out about this. So it was a little against canon.

But that’s really picky and I think it’s all personal preference. Overall, they did well.

As for Ted, I really didn’t understand the dobbler/dommer conversation (did I even spell those right?). And it went on too long. And overall, it just bugged me. But then again, it’s a Ted storyline. Those always kinda suck, right? (Sorry, see my previous post about Smash and my cold; it’s making me a bit blunt and harsh.)

But overall, I enjoyed the episode. Which is surprising, mainly because when I heard they were doing “Robin Sparkles 4, y’all,” I had low expectations.

So good job, HIMYM, you did something right.


One thought on “HIMYM: P.S. I Love You

  1. This ep was interesting.

    I did like all the Canadian references. Enjoyed seeing Stephen Page (Barenaked Ladies) in there. Enjoyed the Coulier reference (as that was who Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” was supposedly about, for those who didn’t know). Liked seeing the long list of Canadian names that included Brad Roberts (singer of the Crash Test Dummies), showing the difference in levels of fame between the US and Canada.

    I also liked seeing a new HIMYM theory in there with the Dobler (famous John Cusack movie scene holding the big boom box) / (Jeffrey) Dahmer (serial killer) theory. Though if you aren’t familiar with the names, I can see how it’d leave you lost.

    Kind of ready for the Robin Sparkles thing to be over though. Same goes for the Canada jokes.

    Overall, it was just ok…

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