Catching Up on The Vampire Diaries

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 4.12 “A View to a Kill”

It’s vampire day. Why? Because I’m woefully behind in writing about both Vampire Diaries and Being Human, and I want to catch up today. Let’s see how this goes.

It’s been a wild ride on TVD, what with Damon trying to kill Jeremy, Stefan aligning with Rebekah, and frankly, Kol just being around. This week, Kol’s reign of terror finally came to an end — but a whole new terror is starting.

I’ll give Klaus some credit. I’ve never been a fan of his. I’ve never found him all too threatening, even after killing eleven hybrids, and I once called him one of the lamest villains ever. But after seeing his brother killed, suddenly I could see how Klaus was threatening. Why haven’t see ever seen him mad before? Suddenly, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Bring it on!

Now, as for Kol, I loved Elena’s plan to kill him. However, did anyone thing it was a bit too easy? I am laughing at myself, thinking this, just because Elena did get stabbed through the stomach and pinned to a wall, and Jeremy almost got both arms lopped off. But still, Kol was killed pretty quickly. And Hunter Jeremy wasn’t even at full strength yet.

I actually liked Kol’s presence in the show, and I wouldn’t have minded his hanging around for another episode or two, in the pursuit of his death. But hey, at least we’re getting closer to the cure.

Ugh, the cure. The cure! I’ll give it to TVD: they can do some great episodes. But their story arcs are lacking. And the cure storyline just doesn’t grab me. At this point, I’m sure they’ll release Silas, and then he’ll be the big bad from here on out — this has finale written all over it. But I don’t think Elena’s suddenly going to be human again, and if she is, I’m already rolling my eyes. Because we’ll be back to her wondering who she wants to be with, torn because Stefan slept with Rebekah, and still wondering how much she really cares for Damon, who she’ll realize might be a bad guy all over again.

Ok, I’ll confess: I just want her and Damon together already.

But you get what I’m saying. In other news, Bonnie’s becoming an uber-powerful super witch, which is pretty cool. But then again, I’ve been spoiled with such a storyline in Buffy, so I have high standards. I’m more just disappointed that she’s stuck surrounding herself with the evil professor, her dad (who I never really wondered about), and a vampire mom (was I the only one who didn’t know she had a vamp mom?). I just want her to have better material.

Anyway, things are moving forward, and I am enjoying the ride. I just am not quite sure I’m going to love the destination.


One thought on “Catching Up on The Vampire Diaries

  1. I’m not a fun of the cure storyline either. It’s seems like it is an easy out for Elena. And I prefer her to be a vampire because she is with Damon. Haha. And won’t it be an end to the show if there is a cure? Hopefully there is more to it.

    Bonnie’s mom wasn’t always a vampire. She was on the show a while ago and someone turned her. I can’t remember who. But, for the most part, she wasn’t part of Bonnie’s life.

    And I totally agree with you about Klaus. He was scary when they killed Kol!

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