Catching Up on Being Human

BEING HUMAN: 3.03 “The Teens, They Are a Changin'”

Yes, I have been watching! But my Mondays are insane — so I’ve been forced to watch this one a little late. SyFy, I’m watching and enjoying. May that be on the record.

But moving it to Tuesdays wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway, let’s move on. So far, we’ve got Sally as alive…or undead…or something. Aidan still can’t drink anything for fear of catching the virus, with Henry in tow. And Josh, well, week to week things change for Josh.

This week, he met a new teenager who happened to be scratched by a werewolf. Something that’s particularly interesting this season is the fact that it’s clear that Nora isn’t the only one around anymore. So who knows who scratched this girl. But now she seems to be almost adopted by Nora, who feels for her and understands what she’s going through. While I appreciated the gesture and the final scene, I’m not entirely sure I understand why the wolves would have gotten along, and why newby wolf wouldn’t have tried to kill her.

But what I find most interesting is that this episode seems to be the first where Josh realizes he’s not just one of the gang anymore. He’s human. And the rest of them aren’t. I’m looking forward to seeing how that builds over the season.

Meanwhile, Aidan is using Josh as his own personal resource for safe blood. Henry was supposed to follow Aidan’s plan, but he wasn’t strong enough. A moment of weakness brought his own death. To be fair, I never really liked Henry all that much, so I’m not going to miss him. I wish we had some better material for Aidan — or could explore his mind while he was dehydrating in a box more — but we’ll see where this goes.

And then there’s Sally. Now, I love Sally. But Sally severely ticked me off in this episode. She killed someone, and she was so flippant about it. Especially when talking to him about it. She could have been clear with him, explained why it happened — or that she didn’t know. She missed all that and just sounded selfish and callous with a fast apology at the end. Not cool, Sally, not cool.

But Sally really wasn’t the story, as we saw in the end. It was Trent. Sadly, his soul didn’t go to the afterlife. It was eaten by the witch, who’s using it for youth. A cliche story, but interesting nonethless. I’ll be curious to know what happens next, when the team finds out, and what they can do about it — if anything. Even though limbo’s awful, I’d rather think that Trent is trapped down there and can be released somehow than gone forever.

Perhaps I’m just a little kind-hearted. Sally, please take note.


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