Switched at Birth: Dressing for the Charade

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 2.04 “Dressing for the Charade”

It’s been almost a week since I last posted. I’m glad I’m my own boss. Otherwise, I’d have some ‘splaining to do.

Much like Angelo and Regina had this week on Switched at Birth (did you like that segue?). Is it just me, or does anyone else keep forgetting that Angelo and Regina are in a sham marriage? It’s already a terrible plotline, but for some reason, I keep blocking it from my memory. So when an episode like last night’s comes around, it takes me a minute to adjust to the issue again. Right. They’re married. Right.

Now, this sham seemed so ridiculous it was almost humorous. Was it supposed to be humorous? Or dramatic? Either way, seeing everyone stall (and not well) and rush to get things looking like Regina has moved out was just silly. And in the end, it took a half-naked deaf kid to finally convince the immigration guy that it was real. Out of curiosity, where was Daphne and Travis expecting to put everything after they hid everything in her room? And wouldn’t the immigration officer wonder why Daphne didn’t move with her?

Anyway, all that is nothing compared to the pregnant lady carrying Angelo’s child showing up at the exact wrong time (speaking of, instead of pretending why Regina and Angelo would be arriving, wouldn’t they all just say they’re there for dinner?). I would think that would make the officer think more stuff is suspicious, not walk away thinking there are so many problems that it must be real.

Overall, I just don’t like this story, and I wish it would go away.

In other stories that I don’t like and wish it would go away: John running for office. Sheesh. Seeing him and Kathryn bicker all the time is just intolerable. Plus, he’s such a boring candidate. He’s not doing anything but barking orders. As someone who’s seen the guy on my TV for the last year and like him, even I wouldn’t vote for him. What’s he standing for anyway? He’s planning to run for office…on silence? Uggh.

I do, however, like the development between Travis and Daphne. I don’t know what I’d think if he did actually move in (I don’t know if that’s off the table after Bay and Daphne both discussed it), and with his family life, I’m nervous about what will happen with him next. But darn it, he’s a nice kid. Almost as nice as Emmett was for a while there.

Speaking of Emmett, did anyone else miss him this episode? Personally, I say, let’s get more stuff going on with the kids and less with the adults. They’re much more interesting.


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