Bunheads: The Astronaut and the Ballerina

BUNHEADS: 1.14 “The Astronaut and the Ballerina”

Perhaps I was a little grumpy when watching TV last night. I was highly critical of last night’s Switched at BirthAnd to be fair, I’m not all that pleased with last night’s Bunheads either. Is there a reason that we can’t seem to have all four ballerinas in the same episode anymore?

I missed Sasha. And while last week, I missed Boo, this week, I would have preferred not to see her at all. What a terrible way to use an interesting character. I hated the faux-parenting scenarios. It just…wasn’t entertaining. And from what I could tell, one of those kids wasn’t even her brother — so why is she taking care of him at all? I found it more distracting than entertaining.

I also missed having dance storylines. This week, we had no dancing, with the exception of a few scenes in the classroom. Even those were just exercises, not actual dances. And on top of that, who is Jordan? Since when do we have a new teacher in this class? Fannie and Michelle are barely getting by, but somehow they hired another teacher?

Now, I will commend the series on the use of Michelle’s brother. It was a rocky addition, but I did enjoy it for two reasons: the message and the ending. I liked that we were hearing more about how Michelle grew up, and I like that she spent a good part of the episode proving that she was remaking her life to her brother. That was actually deep and interesting.

And the fight in the ballet studio just made it all more interesting. But juxtaposed with that was that incredible scene where she was singing alongside her brother. I swear, this show is made by those final musical numbers — dancing or otherwise. I don’t know where this duo’s going from here, but it is interesting.

On the other hand, I care very little about roller derby. Can we end that now please? Get us back to ballet! I really miss it.


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