Parenthood: Because You’re My Sister

PARENTHOOD: 4.15 “Because You’re My Sister”

I have no idea whether last night’s episode of Parenthood was the last or just the last of season four. I hear the creator is optimistic, but I’m not sure what that really means. What I do know, though, is that if NBC doesn’t renew this puppy after this incredible season, they’re crazy.

On the bright side, I won’t have any lingering issues or questions that will remain unanswered.

I’m entirely pleased with last night’s finale. Not only was it heartfelt — sheesh, just sitting in judge’s chambers for Victor’s adoption ceremony (would you really call it a ceremony) would make your heart grow three sizes that day — but you really felt comfortable with where each character was headed. Drew (*coughcoughANDREWHOLTcoughcough*) is headed to Berkeley. Jasmine and Crosby are on their way to child number two (with a happy mother-in-law in tow). Kristina is cancer-free. And are Amber and Ryan headed down the aisle? Whether their glances at rings were real or not, they’re happy either way.

The only question remaining unanswered is that of Sarah, who was left wondering whether she should move to Minnesota to be with Hank. Her final scene had her celebrating Drew’s success, not pining over a guy. And while we did get a dismal scene of Mark walking alone through the school halls, I’m not all too worried about him. Overall, I choose to believe that Sarah’s final Berkeley-clad scene showed that choosing between guys was meaningless compared to the family she has there. I hope that means she chose neither guy.

What I don’t want, if the show were to be renewed, would be to find out that we’re still hung up on the Sarah love triangle. Let’s put that plot line to bed. After all, that was the worst of all the storylines this season. Why NBC played that up in almost every promo — especially near the end of the season — we’ll never know. Because so much of the strength of the series was in Kristina, Julia, Amber, and even Crosby.

All that being said, while I’m content with the end, I’m not content if it is the end. This series really surprised me this season. For the last three seasons, I spent episode after episode going, “Really?” or “Uggh, I hate ____” (Haddie, Jasmine, fill-in-the-blank) will they battled ridiculous storylines like sex-dialing and sleeping with your cousin’s boyfriend. This season took the show to an entirely new level AND THEY DID IT WELL. That can’t be emphasized enough: They did it well.

Kristina’s breast cancer was by far the hardest plotline to do right, and they did everything right, even down to seeing her friend return to chemo in the final episode. Poignant, emotional, and real, they knew what they were doing.

And that should be commended. And frankly, it should be renewed. So hear me, NBC, if you want to have smart television, take another look at Parenthood. You can be sure its fans will.


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