HIMYM: Ring Up!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.14 “Ring Up!”

Ok, I’m not the biggest HIMYM watcher. Let me define: I watch week to week, but if you asked me questions about canon, I’d probably have some holes in my trivia hat. I’m pretty good at the first couple seasons, but further along, I lose track.

However, I feel like I missed something HUGE when Barney referenced his half sister in the beginning of the episode. My exact reaction was, “Half sister? He’s got his brother…and his father (John Lithgow) had a son. But did he have a daughter?” We never met her, I don’t think. I don’t even remember a reference to her. Did I miss something?

So making it an actual reveal later in the episode that Ted nailed Barney’s half sister (which was a nice karmic twist, really) felt like a stretch. I almost feel like they created the character for this particular plot point. So, I didn’t like that.

What I did like was Robin’s discovery that her engagement ring made her invisible. This was covered to some degree with Lily back in the day, but Robin seemed so jarred about it. I loved hearing all the stuff she got away with not paying for — drinks, breakfasts, newspapers, rent — and how it’s all changing now. That was great.

As for the ho-hum part of the episode: Lily and Marshall. I guess I get tired of their sex-capades after a while, and a diseased, puffy hand just grossed me out. That was the point, sure, so mission accomplished. But I would have preferred a better C-plot.

Overall, I give the episode a C. It was average, not quite good. But hey, it focused on Ted, so is anyone surprised?


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