Bunheads: I’ll Be Your Meyer Lansky

BUNHEADS: 1.13 “I’ll Be Your Meyer Lansky”

This episode fell a little flat for me. I hate to say it. But before I explain why, here’s a quick question for you: Where the heck was Boo?

Not that her last appearance on the show was a great one. The entire storyline with her and Carl and their potential marriage (at 16, no less) was just stupid. So at least we didn’t get that.

But Boo does add an adorability factor to the show, and I missed it. So instead, we had a focus on Michelle and Sasha. Michelle was…ok. Unfortunately, I don’t know who Meyer Lansky was, so that pop culture reference fell flat for me. Her obsession with now being stupid because she never finished high school was fun for a minute, but watching her go table to table to table for trivia just grew tiresome. In fact, after a while, I just wanted to read the trivia questions and make my own guesses.

As for Sasha, well, again, I’m just not feeling it. We barely got a glimpse into her home life before, so other than side discussions, we really haven’t seen how it has an effect on her. While I understand how big it would be for her to move from Paradise, the urgency and drama just isn’t there for me. I didn’t feel anything for her until her final dance (which, by the way, just shows you what dance can do for your emotions). Only then did I really take pity on her and hope for the best. Leave her crying in the rain? Eh. Tortured in music. Give me more.

The dancing in the episode really was fantastic. I loved the newby’s dance with all the Sparkles gear…though I just wish this Sparkles “no store” issue would resolve itself.

The highlight of the episode was certainly Melanie’s reaction to people hurting her friends and loved ones. I’m still reeling from the way she grabbed that girl’s ponytail and took her down. Since Melanie usually has nothing interesting going on in her corner (no offense to Melanie, but the writers seem to focus on Ginny, Sasha, and Boo), it was a nice change.

But sadly, the brief instances of entertainment didn’t carry the episode for me. Bring back Boo. Bring back dance storylines. And set the drama aside for some lighter shtick.


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