HIMYM: Band or DJ?

himym band or djHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.13 “Band or DJ?”

Oh, what to do with this episode of How I Met Your Mother. I was so thrilled by the last episode — where Barney and Robin get surprisingly engaged — and this one was just a little ho hum in comparison. And I blame one person: Ted.

In the last new episode, they made this entire deal about Ted’s letting Robin go, silently giving them their blessing by driving her up to that tower to stop Barney’s engagement to Patrice. Of course, at the time, Ted didn’t know the Patrice engagement was just a setup, so I’m sure he was a little blindsided to see that Barney and Robin were suddenly engaged in a text message.

But he did, in a way, give his blessing. So should he really still be hung up on Robin, thinking Barney’s the wrong guy for her? That he is? I just feel like we’re rehashing the same tired story over and over again.

Now, the one interesting part of the episode was when Ted and Lily were having their heart to heart about it. Not because of Ted, but Lily. Lily, looking exceptionally tired and haggard in this scene, confessed to sometimes not wanting to be a mother. Having given up her dreams and after taking care of children day in and day out — her students and Marvin, her own — she was tired. And sometimes, that made her tired of it. It was a very true, real confession and one that the show could build good material off of. As always, the show seems to have found its strength when it wasn’t focusing on Ted.

As for everything else, I’m not sure how much I loved Barney and Robin’s dealings with her father. First, I was surprised he was in town (perhaps they covered that, but I don’t remember). Second, it just felt…blah. I know it’s supposed to be funny, to have this horribly intimidating man commandeering a Hawaiian T-shirt in “James Buffet” style, but it fell flat in my book. However, it was nice to see Robin want that last bit of a real father-daughter relationship as her wedding day approaches, given that she’s never been one to have (or want) traditional family roles in the first place.

We ended the episode with another plug for the end of the series, this time with Ted really discussing a band versus DJ, and discovering how he ends up hiring the future mother to play for the wedding. I will admit, I didn’t really believe the dialog (if I’m ever referring to an ex-roommate, I generally say, “My friend” and then add “former roommate” to clarify after the fact), but I guess the show just wanted to trim the fat and get to that final wedding scene faster.

My last complaint: That we did get that final scene at all. When we last left Robin and Barney, both were headed out the window. Now we know they make it to a reception. Is it a spoiler? I’m not sure. I think we all believe in Robin and Barney’s happily ever after…I just would have liked to see it in real time.


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