Being Human: It’s a Shame About Ray

being human

BEING HUMAN: 3.01 “It’s a Shame About Ray”

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start a season after a cliffhanger.

Not only did Being Human successfully leave us with a thrilling cliffhanger last season, but they somehow made a 15-month time jump work, while still not putting everything back in place as it was.

I’ll start with Sally, who we knew her fate when we last saw her. We knew she was in limbo — but she didn’t know how to get out. Fifteen months later, she’s got a plan. Whether it will work, well, 700+ attempts just keep telling us it won’t. She has, however, tracked down both Nick and Stevie, in the hopes of saving them as well. She’s able to pull them from their fates — dying and re-dying in a repeatable fashion — but if she can get in her apartment, she knows they’ll be saved.

Meanwhile, Josh and Nora are searching for her in the real world. Both Josh and Nora survived the fight with Ray (Ray’s not so lucky), but not without their scars. In the 15-month gap, we didn’t get to see their emotional recuperation, but based on their reaction to digging up Ray’s body in order to unearth (pardon the pun) his heart, it wasn’t pretty.

Neither were the results. Josh did end up killing Ray, in an attempt to save Nora. And Josh was freed from his werewolf monster side. Unfortunately, they were wrong about one thing: the blood line. Nora’s still a werewolf. On the bright side, Nora was always better at adapting to her new-found self, so she’s doing ok with it.

But now that they’re trying to find Sally, they’re discovering new monsters. Not only the monsters within themselves — the one that killed a man and is willing to dig up their friend’s corpse — but a new witch who could answer their prayers about finding Sally. From last we saw, she was successful — so successful that Stevie and Nick were saved, too. All three grabbed the life raft, but the question is where the other two went. Are they back in their bodies, underground (without the salve, I might add)? Or are they hanging out within Sally’s body, along with her? Somehow, three souls in one body sounds much more interesting than more gravedigging.

Speaking of gravedigging, Aidan has been brought back from the brink of non-death, only to discover that the vampire world isn’t what it used to be. Most are dead, all suffering from a virus that only Aidan has been able to avoid. The only problem: No one can feed. If all the humans are the poison, there’s no way to save yourself, especially after another vamp fed on you.

What I love most about Aidan — which is nice, considering how bored I was with him last season — was the circle he was going in throughout this episode. When underground, he was exasperated, horrified knowing that he won’t die. Then, in his final moments, when the fight was out of him, he was trying to convince himself, he won’t die. But if no one’s there to help him, I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

No matter what, this season started great and is headed in new directions: Josh is human; Sally may be, too. And the vamp world is different, giving Aidan nothing to do but adapt. If you came back to see the same old Being Human, you came to the wrong season.

But you might just be in for a treat.


One thought on “Being Human: It’s a Shame About Ray

  1. It does look like they’re going to shake up a lot of things this season. Is Nora now considered a regular character? She sure was acting like part of the gang. Anyway, looking forward to seeing where they go with this. I felt the middle of last season dragged a bit so hopefully they can avoid that.

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