Bunheads: It’s Time to Dance!

BUNHEADS: 1.11 “You Wanna See Something?”

Yay! Bunheads is back, and for some reason, I’m super excited about. That being said, I have a bone to pick with the bun.

Something that I hate in TV shows is when they have a huge cliffhanger, and then they pretend nothing happened — or skip ahead and everything’s fixed. Bones did this when Booth got amnesia, and it bugged me. Now, Bunheads took the opposite approach, which oddly bugs me, too. Instead of really looking at what happened at the end of the last episode and reacting, we’ve jumped ahead and spent an entire episode trying to get the show back to the status quo. You have to do one of two things to win with me: Get to the status quo quickly (without ignoring it) or spend some time reacting, like for multiple episodes.

Not that I want Michelle out of Paradise for all that long. But I knew she’d end up back in Paradise eventually, and I was just bored for the first 45 minutes as we tried to guess how that would happen. It could have been more exciting.

It did have its highlights, though. The “Nutcracker macer” video was quite creative (though I must scold the show for not taking advantage of making a real viral video — I searched for “It’s Time to Dance,” “Bunheads It’s Time to Dance,” “Nutcracker macer,” and more on YouTube, and nothing was there. They need to learn a thing or two from HIMYM). And tying a final dance into that same song was fun, though I did miss more dancing in this return episode.

In other news, I cared little about Boo’s mother’s bedrest, and I’m a bit disappointed we’re still playing the “Spot the Gilmore Girls alum” game. But at least we’re back in Paradise and even got a view of the long lost Hubbel for some sentimentality. Either way, I’m looking forward to new episodes. After all, it’s finally time to dance…again!


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