Switched at Birth: The Door to Freedom

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 2.01 “The Door to Freedom”

Switched at Birth is back — finally starting its second season (and yes, I just said starting its second season). We last left with Angelo winning five million dollars in the case against the hospital and a mystery pregnant woman showing up, wondering where he was.

Well, as expected, this woman says Angelo is the father of her unborn child. Sigh. Cliche storyline with sigh-worthy drama. I’m actually a little disappointed in this story. Yes, it’s because they’re adding this woman into the mix (and a new baby), but because I just care very little for Angelo. I don’t really care about his relationship with Regina (I somehow blocked the idea that they had that false marriage), and the tension between him and Daphne and him and Bay is just growing tiresome. I guess I just don’t like Angelo.

Speaking of tiresome, I guess I thought we were going to forget about Jeff over the break. No such luck. Daphne is still head over heels, but Jeff isn’t having it. Despite my frustration with Daphne, there was one part of the episode that stood out to me: her conversation with Emmett’s mom. I loved that someone really broke it down for Daphne — the opportunity that she let go, the fact that she won’t get opportunities like that easily, that others have fought for the rights she’s taking for granted. Not only did Daphne need to hear it, but so did the viewers. Sometimes, since I’m comfortable now watching the series and I understand the characters, I forget what Daphne, Emmett, his mom, and other deaf folks are really dealing with. Their lives are different, and they have to both fight for and appreciate that.

As for everything else, well…

  • A Kennish for Senate? Uggh. Please, no. Kathryn’s book fame was bad enough to deal with. I don’t think I can handle a political race.
  • I was really invested in Bay in this episode. I think her going into the pilot program should be interesting. Curious to see where it goes.
  • Angelo’s gifts…he’s going to run out of money fast, isn’t he?

Did I cover it all? What’d you think about the big return?


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