The Christmas Challenge 2012: Completed!

I did it! Challenge accepted and completed. The Christmas Challenge is over! And what a great — or at least harried — 25 days it has been.

But overall, I enjoyed it. It was rough to keep up with (and get my Christmas shopping done…let alone my day job), but I saw a wide variety of shows and episodes to represent the season. I watched old favorites and shows I’d never seen before. I watched August Christmas airings and post-holiday catchups. From Fridge Day to Festivus, I caught everything in between.

And now, as I look back at this vast amount of time that I used up, watching episode after episode, recommending what I loved and hated, here’s a brief list of what I loved most — and loved the least.

Naughty List:

  1. Frasier: What a depressing “Christmas” episode. Bleck. Get me my 23 minutes back (and him a new sweatshirt).
  2. Yo Gabba Gabba: I’m still trying to get over the horrific episode that was this one. Sadly, I can’t blame Christmas. Just the show itself.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm: Not my type of humor. And I’m still getting over the certain hair that was stuck in his throat the entire episode.
  4. Hannah Montana: Not very funny. And not very Christmasy Definitely skippable.
  5. 30 Rock: It’s not that this episode was bad. It just wasn’t memorable. And at Christmas, that’s a problem.

Nice List:

  1. Leverage: Parker’s Christmas spirit alone makes this one worth watching. Plus it snows at the end. How can you pass that up?
  2. Full House: A great flashback to my youth while the Tanner kids were still cute. Worth revisiting.
  3. Brothers and Sisters: For a series I was lukewarm about, this episode was a hysterical treat.
  4. The O.C.: I had never seen this show before, but I loved the comedic moments. Great chemistry between the characters (just ignore the drama).
  5. The Wonder Years: The coach as Santa? I loved seeing him in a more comedic, reactive role. Just great all around.

Honorable Mention — Bones: While a decaying Santa isn’t everyone’s choice for the holidays, this is the only one that made me teary at the end. A special kudos to you, Bones.

Overall, it was a great 25 days. Check out the slideshow below to see all the episodes I reviews, and check back next year, when I hope to do it again!

Merry Christmas!

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