Christmas Challenge: Leverage

The Ho Ho Ho Job

It only seems right to end this year’s Christmas Challenge with Leverage, given that tonight TNT’s airing the series finale of the show.

This Christmas episode of Leverage is one of my favorites of the series, combining the usual quips and camaraderie of the Leverage, Inc. team and an evil villain (recurring character Chaos, aka Wil Wheaton). But add in the Christmas spirit — donned and celebrated by Parker — and you’ve got a great Christmas episode. After all, who doesn’t want the angry Eliot dressed as Santa, grumbling under his itchy beard?

We go into every episode of Leverage, knowing that we’ll be getting a con, but with this episode, we get a con, a play, and another con. It’s a great combination. And with the jokes and asides along the way — my favorite is Chaos imitating Eliot, “They haven’t been gone long. Their cocoa’s still warm…ya’ll. Dammit, Hardison!” — and even the good natured spirit with a final snow scene and Eliot handing over a Rubbery Robby to the kid he’s tortured through the episode, it just makes for a well-rounded, smart episode.

Really, I just enjoy it. I’ll miss this show, and perhaps my heart was just a little sentimental and attached to the ending series when I watched it, which filled me with that much more warmth for the episode, but I think if you watched it, you’d enjoy it, too.

Recommendation: Watch it. And watch the finale tonight, too. This Christmas, let’s give this show a great sendoff.


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