Christmas Challenge: Dawson’s Creek

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It’s no surprise I chose to review a Christmas episode of Dawson’s Creek. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see my occasional #DawsonsCreekrewatch tweets. I thought I’d catch up to this episode before Christmas naturally, but sadly, I’m a few episodes behind. I had to skip ahead.

It’s funny. When I think of this season’s Christmas episode of Dawson’s Creek, I think of Dawson giving Joey a picture for Christmas that he took of her and Pacey, a beautiful black-and-white photo that’s both touching and symbolic of his growing acceptance of their relationship.

But as it turns out, that wasn’t this episode. That must be the next one. This one did have a Christmas feel, with lights and winter trimmings, but it wasn’t surrounded in the Christmas spirit. Joey and Pacey were attending a networking function for one of Joey’s prospective colleges. And where Pacey shined, Joey fell into the shadows. Meanwhile, Jen was hiding from her college essays, but Grams and Jack had a plan of attack.

The real Christmas part of this episode came where Dawson and Gretchen were concerned. Gretchen hoped for another holiday tradition — the annual Leery Christmas party. This little tradition hadn’t happened in the past few years, since the Leery’s had their on-again-off-again relationship, but Gretchen took the reigns and made the party happen. Even Mr. Brooks got to come (but only because he was helping out dear Dawson with his own college admission woes).

The festive atmosphere may not have lasted through the whole episode — really, only in the Leery party scenes — but it was Christmasy. And in good Creek fashion, it ended with emotional turmoil, as Pacey and Joey catch Gretchen and Dawson under the mistletoe.

Recommendation: It’s your usual episode of the Creek, so I enjoyed it. But maybe not for Christmas specifically.

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