Christmas Challenge: Fat Albert’s Christmas Special


While this may not be an “episode,” per say, it was aired on TV (from what I read, at least), so I think this one should count for the Christmas Challenge. (Unlike Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol which I watched only to discover it was a short film, not aired on TV first. Sigh.)

Let’s just say this: Fat Albert does not stand the test of time. The jokes are not funny. It’s all very slapstick, Scooby-Do kind of stuff that might’ve worked in the ’70s but just doesn’t work for me.

Nonetheless, it is Christmastime in the city, where Fat Albert and the crew are planning for a Christmas pageant. They’re interrupted when a mean old man wants to tear down their clubhouse. What makes matters worse, a family that has no home and no jobs — and is expecting a baby — comes into the clubhouse for shelter.

If that sounds like a lot, add in the fact that the old man (Terrence? I forget his name) hires Fat Albert to try to get more customers in his store in exchange to keep the club house open, and the rest of the group thinks he sold out. Then you find out the reason the mean old man’s so mean is because his wife died, so maybe he should think about what she’d want him to do. Plus, the expectant family’s son runs away (the one that has been born), while two others run to go get a doctor for the mom-to-be.

That’s a lot to stick in 23 minutes.

So yeah, it didn’t get my seal of approval. A little too much going on and not quite funny enough. Plus, I didn’t remember any of the characters from back in the day.

Recommendation: Skip it. Unless you’re really tied to the show, you’re better off watching something a little newer.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Fat Albert’s Christmas Special

  1. I especially liked the fact that the old man’s wife had died comes completely out of nowhere. I think my only amusement from watching this came from trying to determine how many of the characters were being voiced by Bill Cosby.

  2. It’s funny. We actually did the exact same thing. I, too, tried to figure out how many characters Cosby was voicing. (And yeah, the dead wife coming out of nowhere — during a conversation with a homeless man, at that — bugged me, too.)

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