Christmas Challenge: Dinosaurs

Refrigerator Day

Is it Christmas? Well, technically not. But given that they’re buying presents in festive green and red wrapping paper, decorating a fridge with ornaments and tinsel, and singing songs that sound remarkably close to the usual Christmas themes, I’d say it’s what Dinosaurs calls Christmas. After all, it’s not like they could do a real Christmas episode. Humans aren’t even in existence yet (let alone Mary, Joseph, and Jesus).

Nonetheless, it counts. And it’s entertaining. One day a year, all the dinosaurs celebrate the one invention that helped all of their lives: the refrigerator. Hence, they have decorations, presents, and traditions (including a pageant).

Of course, when Earl buys all his gifts before getting his bonus, then discovers he’s not getting one after all, things go south. The fridge is repossessed, and Earl is spiraling in depression. The family decides to return gifts to the store for more money — something unheard off at this time in history — and while they don’t get it all back, at least they get a little.

And their little innovation sparks a grand new practice in retail. As thanks for the idea, not only do they get all their presents back, but they get their fridge and a bonus…just as long as they sign away their rights for the “return” idea.

It’s a fresh perspective on the holidays, and by far my favorite part was watching the family try to convince the store to return the gifts. “But we already have a lot of that stuff to get rid of! Why would we want more?” It’s just really fun.

Recommendation: Perhaps not something for annual viewing, but definitely a good one to check out. Despite being over 20 years old, the fresh perspective on holiday and new lyrics to remembered songs make it delightful.


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