Christmas Challenge: New Girl

The 23rd

Turn on your lights!

Strangely enough, I had forgotten about this episode until a friend mentioned it to me. It’s strange because the first time I watched it, I enjoyed it. And this second time, I enjoyed it, too. It’s a shame it wasn’t so memorable.

Of course, the ending is. But let’s get there. The group goes to Schmidt’s company Christmas party, in order to celebrate before everyone parts ways for the holidays. Schmidt’s playing sexy Santa, a role he doesn’t love, and Winston befriends a new kid who doesn’t like anybody — but him. Meanwhile, Jess and her current beau are having issues. As it turns out, Paul loves Jess, but she’s not there yet.

That would be fine, except that Nick accidentally tells Paul this before she’s decided what she wants to do with the relationship. What makes matters worse is that the three of them are locked out on a balcony, hashing it all out together.

In the end, Paul can’t take things slower, when that’s all that Jess wants and needs. So she’s left bummed.

Seeing Jess bummed is hard for anyone to handle, so Nick misses his flight home for the fifth year in a row to take her to Candy Cane Lane at 2 am. Of course, it’s 2 am. The lights aren’t on. So then you have a cute scene where the group screams to “turn on your lights,” all so that Jess can get a magical moment on Candy Cane Lane.

Despite Paul’s appearance in the episode, it’s really fun and cute. I love Winston and the kid, and I just love the group screaming at Candy Cane Lane.

Recommendation: Watch it. It may not be a yearly tradition, but it’s worth watching more than once.


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