Christmas Challenge: The Wonder Years

A Very Cutlip Christmas

Now this one, I remember from my childhood. Whether it was from my fanciful child days or syndication in later years, I don’t know, but I remember it.

Last year, I reviewed an episode of The Wonder Years that I didn’t remember. I still enjoyed it, but not as much as I enjoyed this episode, when Kevin discovers that his hated gym teacher is actually Santa at the mall.

It was a lot funnier than I remembered. And a lot more heartfelt. The scene where Kevin discovers Cutlip (and vice versa) was hilarious. Cutlip’s reaction alone was worth rewatching (and in fact I did, when I wanted JC to see it). Overall, Cutlip was a joy in this episode, contributing to a number of laugh out loud moments in his subtle way. Nice job.

But what was heartfelt? Well, why he was Santa, of course. A 20% discount at the mall was great, but more so, it was the fact that kids like him as Santa. The kids in his gym class, not so much — as we later see by the menacing crowd of students that come looking for him.

But what to their wondering eyes don’t appear? A vision of Cutlip, wearing a beard. That’s right. When they looked into the face of the man in red, they only saw their childhood fantasy, another Santa granting wishes to children.

Recommendation: A great episode and definitely worth watching…and rewatching. Maybe even year after year!


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