Christmas Challenge: Hannah Montana

It’s the End of Jake as We Know of It

Ok, I may be stretching the rules here, since technically this episode aired in August. But it has a Christmas special, fake snow, a sleigh, a Mrs. Claus costume, and more — all of that screams Christmas to me.

Hannah — er, Miley, er, both — is doing a Christmas special. She’s pretty psyched about it (and a little nervous). She’s got guest stars lined up, including Sheryl Crow, and it’s all ready to go. But when her go-to guest star bails, she doesn’t know what to do. Until an idea strikes: Her boyfriend Jake can play the role!

There’s only one hitch. Jake’s been cheating on her, and Oliver and Lily know the truth. They’re a little too afraid to tell her the bad news, and even Lily’s best laid plans landed Jake on Miley’s doorstep, which just made things tougher. Will Hannah — er, Miley, er, both — find out the truth?

That answer is yes. A little boy hears Oliver and Lily calling Jake a cheater, and tells Hannah. What happens next is a fight between Hannah and Jake, all played out on air by Mrs. Claus and the little tyke Jake was portraying. Needless to say, Hannah didn’t handle the news well, and Christmas isn’t exactly merry.

To this day, I walk away from this episode wondering what the actor who played Jake did to Disney Channel to create this ending (has anyone seen or heard from him since?), but the last we see is him walking away in wee green suspenders.

Recommendation: Skip it. While it does have Christmas elements, it won’t make your day merry and bright.


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