Christmas Challenge: Full House

Our Very First Christmas Show

In the words of Stephanie Tanner: Christmas in an airport…hot dog.

I’m lucky I tracked this episode down. It’s not on Netflix, and I don’t plan far enough ahead to turn my Netflix disc in and request Full House next. That’s fine, though. If Yo Gabba Gabba destroyed my Netflix cred, I’m not sure Full House would have done much better.

But let’s get to the show, shall we? The Tanners are headed out of town for the holidays, all headed toward the Tanner family reunion (we won’t go into too much detail as to why Jesse and his parents are going along…yes, they’re the girls’ mother’s family, but they’re not exactly Tanners). Stephanie’s not happy, worried that Santa won’t find her. What makes matters worse is that her maps aren’t even all that helpful: The plane takes a detour because of weather, leaving the whole Tanner clan in an airport over Christmas Eve night.

It’s actually a cute little premise. Everyone’s grumpy, everyone’s upset. Ok, that’s not all that cute. But we have Jesse bringing the group together with a great speech, turning the airport baggage claim into a Christmas wonderland. The coat rack’s a tree. The vending machine’s the Christmas feast. And the conveyor belt is…a conveyor belt.

But despite all that, the presents are lost and Stephanie’s still upset. But miracle of miracles, Santa shows up to deliver the gifts and bring Christmas cheer. Everyone thinks it’s just another guy in a suite…until he disappears, leaving only a message on the computer for everyone else.

Oh, and a thanks for the maps, Stephanie.

Recommendation: Very cute. Definitely recommended.


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