Christmas Challenge: Bones

The Santa in the Slush

This isn’t the first time I’m reviewing Bones for the Christmas Challenge. Last year, I reviewed “The Man in the Fallout Shelter,” where the team was quarantined for Christmas. This year, the team’s free to go about their jolly way, but unfortunately, Santa ends up dead in a sewer. Sure, he may just be another man with the bag, but he sure makes a compelling case that he’s the real Kris Kringle (he even has the name to prove it).

While it’s rather disturbing to think about Santa’s body being found decaying in snowy slush, Bones used its usual charm to make it entertaining. Mainly, they all wondered: Is this the real Santa? After all, he smoked a clay pipe. He lived above a toy store. His suit was tailor made for him. And heck, he even looked like him.

Fortunately, for the kiddies out there, it wasn’t the real Big Guy, but unfortunately for Booth and Bones, that didn’t make Christmas perfect. Booth was bummed that his son wouldn’t be spending Christmas with him, while Bones was trying to make her dad’s dream come alive on Christmas — spending the day with his family, despite him and his son being in jail. Bones was able to make it happen — at a price, a kiss under the mistletoe for “five steamboats” with Booth — but without a Christmas tree.

Of course, with it being a time of miracles, Booth got his son for Christmas after all, and even delivered a special gift for Bones: a beautifully lit Christmas tree outside the Brennan Christmas (jail) trailer in a scene that left this TV viewer misty-eyed.

Recommendation: If you can handle the bugs and decay, it’s a very special episode. And for the shippers out there, the first kiss between Booth and Bones is always worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Bones

  1. The looks on their faces when they walk into Kringle’s apartment—I could watch that scene all day.

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