Christmas Challenge: 30 Rock

Secret Santa

Wow. This week has been a tough one to keep up with the Christmas Challenge. But I’m doing my best, and now, I have 30 Rock.

30 Rock actually has a number of Christmas episodes, but I let JC pick this one out for me. It has a good mix of everything Christmas: gift giving, Christmas carols, and the general outrageousness that is 30 Rock.

While Jack’s interactions with long-time friend (and possible love interest) Nancy was entertaining (especially when they would mention U-Face), I’ll stick with the Christmas-related stories in this review. I can’t say I was all too overwhelmed with joy as the boys ganged up on Kenneth, claiming they were all followers of a fake religion. While I’m sure a lot of it had to do with its bitterness, it also just didn’t seem all that funny to me.

On the other hand, I loved Pete attempting to get back at Jenna for not helping with crew presents this year by showing off the newest castmember and his fantastic voice. Of course, though, he’d become a softie and let her sing well, while he sang off-key and hideously. He’s just that nice of a guy.

Meanwhile, Liz was trying to find the perfect gift for Jack that cost nothing. Considering how much Liz is the focus in a lot of episodes of the show, she really wasn’t in much here, just standing on the periphery as Jack worked on his relationship with Nancy. But in the end, she found the perfect gift: a bomb scare that kept Nancy in town for just a little while longer. Nice one, Liz.

Recommendation: An entertaining episode, but probably not one that I’d recommend for annual viewing. Fun enough, though.


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