Christmas Challenge: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mary, Joseph, and Larry

Boy, did this make my head hurt. I mean, if I didn’t like Seinfeld, did you think I’d like Curb? Sheesh. This was… Sheesh…

So you can probably tell this is not my kind of show. Starting with Larry in the doctor’s office due to a pubic hair caught in his throat — ew. That’s certainly not very Christmas-y in my book. And every time I heard him try to clear his throat, it just reminded me why. Gross.

Fortunately, it was Joseph (of Nativity fame) who finally got it out. Ok, so the fight wasn’t all that humorous, but I actually did enjoy Larry’s interaction with Joseph. Something about Joseph’s straightforward, earnest tone just made it funny. Unfortunately, that’s about it.

Well, that and Larry explaining why he shouldn’t have a Christmas tree. I did like that, too.

But tipping the help was just eh. And his eating the Nativity cookies was just silly. And I could care less about his friend’s relationship with his wife. Or the U2 concert (that one especially felt reminiscent of Seinfeld — not surprising, given that this is Larry David’s show).

Recommendation: Not my kind of show. They lost me at “pubic hair.”


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