Christmas Challenge: Gilmore Girls

Santa’s Secret Stuff

Ok, I actually watched two episodes from the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, but the first was a bust (which is funny, considering that the one I’m reviewing is a post-Christmas Christmas episode). The only thing Christmasy about “Merry Fisticuffs” was the decorations in the town square as Christopher and Luke fought it out in the final scene. Not really my kind of Christmas episode.

But this one had it all: Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, gaudy sweaters, presents, lights — the works! So what if it took place after Christmas. That’s when Rory and Lorelai were celebrating. Still a holiday episode in my book.

Plus, it had all the good moments that a Gilmore Girls should. Not only a good back-and-forth with Rory and Lorelai, but also great interactions with supporting characters. My favorite had to be the very pregnant Lane, who is not only sick of hearing everyone fawn over her and her big belly, but who is also dealing with all of the things in her life that’s changing. Add in the sweet moment between her and Zack when he reassures her.

But in good Gilmore fashion, it’s not just all happiness. The bittersweet moment comes as Luke asks Lorelai to write a character reference for him in his custody battle for April. She’s struggling the entire episode, then finally spilled over her thoughts on the typewriter, then walks alone in the snow to mail the letter. We don’t find out in this episode what she says, but we can tell by the saddened tune of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” that it’s anything but impersonal.

Recommendation: For a Gilmore fan, it’s a great one, despite the bittersweet ending. But for someone who just wants Luke and Lorelai together, this Christmas season, it’s one to watch and reminisce.


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