HIMYM: The Over-Correction

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 8.10 “The Over-Correction”

Let me start by saying that I think over-correction is a thing. Whether it’s true in the world of dating, well, I guess others with a more diverse dating experience would know better than me, but I could certainly see it happening once identified at McClaren’s.

As for Barney and Patrice, while that’s clearly over-correction in action, it is odd seeing Barney in this new place. He’s so…nice. And…kinda sweet. It’s odd. But I like the turn. There’s only so much time you can watch the same old thing, and just like the show itself, once you decide to spend time with a wingman dog, you know you’ve crossed a line into being pathetic. As they said on The Wedding Singer about the Fonz, “Who wants to watch a 40-something guy picking up chicks?” Barney needed to change.

What I didn’t understand was, considering how perceptive Lily has been in the past, especially about Robin and Barney, why she didn’t just call out Robin on her behavior. Not just that she didn’t believe Barney was for real (Lily did call her out on her obsession about that), but that Robin clearly has feelings for Barney. And she just won’t admit it. I was just waiting for Lily to say that. Is she off her game?

Speaking of Lily, let’s talk about her dad…and Marshall’s mother. While I could see Marshall freaking out about his mother dating no matter what. But stretching the over-correction to their sex life just seemed like a stretch. I realize that they’re not related, but they are kind-of related by extension — they share a grandchild for goodness sake! That just seemed gross. I didn’t appreciate that storyline whatsoever.

As for Ted’s stuff…while Ted was clearly a C-plot (didn’t even make it to B-plot status), it did seem very much like the group to take Ted’s stuff and not return it — and that he’d remember. It wasn’t the freshest or funniest, and it went a little overboard once he discovered his own trash can at Barney’s, but it was entertaining. I can’t complain.

The verdict? Standard episode, but I hope we just move on with the Barney/Robin stuff soon. I can see that unrequited storyline getting old very fast (in fact, it may be on its way there already). 


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