Christmas Challenge: Cheers

Christmas Cheers

I loved this episode. Perhaps it’s because any time you play that famous Cheers theme song, you can’t help but be in a good mood. But starting with everyone mocking (and then loving) It’s a Wonderful Life, along with the normal back and forth of the Cheers gang, it was just a great Christmas episode.

Now, I will say one thing: While I watched Cheers off and on, I’m not a devoted fan. I know there are some rabid fans who can tell me all about Rebecca versus Diane and which one’s better or whether any of the Rebecca or Diane episodes are good or bad…all that jazz. I’m less than familiar with all of that, so I just enjoyed as I watched.

It’s Christmastime, and Rebecca has just announced that the bar would be open Christmas Eve. While all her workers are put out (with the exception of Woody — at least to start with), their attention is turned when Sam realizes he didn’t get Rebecca a Christmas gift. Off he goes at 10:30 the night before Christmas, trying to find something for his boss. He ends up finding a stewardess, who offers him earmuffs for him to give to Rebecca. Only, when the gift is handed over, well, there certainly aren’t earmuffs in the box.

Meanwhile, Woody realized how much he misses home for Christmas, and Norm is a Santa. All his Santa friends are with him at the bar, so it’s just getting more and more festive (if not drunker) as the night goes on. Even Frasier is moved, wondering if he’s hearing sleigh bells as a Santa leaves the bar.

Recommendation: Overall, fun episode. Definitely worth watching.

11 cheers-christmas-cheers-20

PS – Let’s all take a moment to remember that’s one young Haymitch from The Hunger Games working at the bar. That’s an odd realization.


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