Christmas Challenge: Seinfeld

The Strike

What? Seinfeld had a Christmas episode? Well, kind-of. You may not realize it by the name “The Strike,” but this is a pretty famous episode. One about, say, Festivus?

I know Seinfeld is THE show that everyone loves and this episode is one of THE episodes that everyone loves, but I just don’t get it. I mean, it was ok (better than some of the other episodes I’ve seen). I guess the main problem that I have with the episode is that it’s so George-centric, and he really is my least favorite character on the series. George decides to come up with a scheme to get out of Christmas present shopping by giving each of his coworkers a card indicating that a donation have been made in their name…to the Human Fund — a fund that he made up. Meanwhile, he’s battling his demons every time someone mentions Festivus, a rather horrifying holiday that his father made up years ago that left George traumatized.

In the end, George was caught by his boss, so he used Festivus as an excuse. Bring on the Festivus dinner, to prove that it really did exist.

While that’s all well and good, what I really enjoyed most about the episode were the small asides: The fact that we discovered that Kramer had a job this whole time at a bagel strike, but he’s been on strike. How Elaine’s desperate to get her sub card back…just for a free sub. And she knows how pathetic that is. And just some one-liners.

Overall, though, it didn’t change my opinion on the show. I’m still not all that much of a Seinfeld fan, and I would have just preferred something more in the Christmas spirit.

Recommendation: If you’re of the Seinfeld majority, it’s a probably a classic you must watch. But for the rest of us, don’t worry about it.


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