Christmas Challenge: Friends

The One with Phoebe’s Dad

There were many episodes of Friends to choose from this Christmas, but since I only own two seasons and it’s not on Netflix, I had a limited selection. So I went with season two, where Monica has one hot Christmas party, and Phoebe goes in search of her dad.

For some reason, I always forget this episode is a Christmas one. I guess I always focus on Phoebe’s attempt to see her dad — and I say attempt because she never gets to the door — which doesn’t really have anything to do with the holiday (with the exception that the house she’s parked outside is very festive).

But when you pay attention to the episode, a lot is really going on: Christmas decorations, discussion of Christmas cookies and gifts, a holiday party, and Chandler and Joey’s attempt to find last-minute gift (this attempt was successful, though I can’t say the gifts were).

Of course, the Christmas party felt less like a winter wonderland and more like a sauna, mostly because the heat was broken, and everyone was sweating like crazy. So it didn’t feel all too much like a Christmas episode for that part. But it was a fun one, and it was an entertaining episode.

Recommendation: Cute episode if you like Friends. Watch and enjoy, but it doesn’t need to be an annual viewing.


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